Alright alright alright, still making it on Mondays! Quick recap for the week - Tuesday intervals were well attended but had to be moved as the research park was being cleaned. Wednesday’s learn to ride saw over 40 people improving their skills despite the dodgy weather. Thursday was another amazing day for turnout - we split into 2 groups and regrouped at Legislature, seemed to work out well, Saturday was a great ride out to Devon, with a quick visit out to Frickin’ Delights Donuts!

Sunday was our Interclub “Fun” TT, a huge thank you to all the volunteers (you’re all about to get outed here): Jennifer Gerlitz, David Kenny, Jessica Lacoursiere, Ryan Spotowski, Martin Tolton, Trevor Clifford, Jakob Claffey, Niall MacGrath, Graham Rogers, and last but not least, Graham Watts and Tim Bulger for planning! If you have the opportunity to, please thank them and maybe even buy them a beer as we would not have races without volunteers!

Club Updates:

  1. The second bicycle skills session is this Wednesday at 6pm, please make an effort to come even if you are a returning member - we would like the more experienced members to help out and it’s a great way to meet our new members! More information here:

Ride Updates:

  1. Remember to check the schedule - Ride updates are only for *changes* to the regular ride schedule.

  2. Thursday hills ride will go on the same route as last week. We will try it again and evaluate.

  3. Saturday and Sunday are the first ABA races of the year, so weekend rides will be a little less attended, however the rides will still be going!