ERTC has a long tradition of racing, and we would love to help you get started! The process is simple, and any racing club member would happy to tell you any of the specifics in person. We're also happy to discuss tactics, training, eating, or anything you might have questions about. We all love bikes! Options 2 and 3 will require you to join a club (or pay additional fees as an independent racer) so we would love for you to join ERTC! 

Become an ERTC member.

There are a few options if you want to get competitive:

1.) You can race the unsanctioned races. Spring Series Road Series, Fat Tire Tuesdays, Wednesday night CX. This is a great option if you aren't sure what to expect. The atmosphere is fun, light hearted, and nothing is taken too seriously. Everyone is there for training and a good time.  It's kind of like a beer league, but way cheaper, on bikes! These races are cheap to enter ($5-$10) and many of the seasoned racers use these as training tools, so you'll still get to race the best in Alberta! ERTC is hosting the "Try Racing" program this year and will pay for all of your race entry fees to these races.

2.) You can get a "Citizen Racing" License from the Alberta Bicycle Association(ABA). This type of racing is if you want to test yourself among more serious riders, but do not want to move up in the ranks of the traditional racing structure. These are sanctioned races, where you can win prizes, and have photo-finish and electronic results. This is a great way to race in a more serious manner in a true peloton but don't want to commit to traditional racing. We will post up more information as we see it. You will need to get a citizen racing licence from the ABA. Purchase a UCI license through the Alberta Bicycle Association. If you plan to move up categories, you'll need a full license. Check out the race schedule.

3.) Race with a UCI license. This is the traditional racing structure. You'll start in the lowest category and prove yourself through results to move up. Your license allows you to race all over Canada and the world, in all sanctioned races under the UCI. This is the most serious level of racing, but at the lower levels, it's still all about having fun and testing yourself. If you do well enough in these, the sky is the limit! Some of our former members have gone through this route on to semi-professional and professional level racing! This level of racing requires you to wear a team jersey so that organizers can distinguish teams. You must purchase (or borrow) an ERTC jersey.  Any cycling shorts will do, but you might want ERTC bib shorts to match the jersey.