Purpose: ERTC-Lite bridges the gap between introductory riders and racers by provided a place for new riders to grow, improve fitness and skills in a low pressure atmosphere. ERTC-Lite creates inclusive group riding experiences for new and non-competitive riders with a focus on creating confident, comfortable, safe group riders.  

Goal: To offer ride options that are ‘lite-er’ than regular ERTC rides in distance and speed, with a goal of increasing fitness, speed, distance, and rider skill throughout the season. For many, the goal is also to progress to full ERTC rides, however this is not a requirement.

Who is ERTC-Lite designed for?: New riders, riders newer to group riding, new ERTC members looking for a stepping-stone between the Learn to Ride series and full ERTC rides, tenured club members looking for a more relaxed option (recovery ride), riders training for Gran Fondo type events as opposed to races, women looking for similar ride options to the Monday Women’s ride.

Ride Options:

  • ERTC Hills-Lite: Same as the usual ERTC Thursday Hills ride, but we will ride as a seperate group leaving shortly after the main group. The goal is a cohesive relaxed pace between hills, and a similar route/workout while offering the ability to challenge yourself with other riders similar in speed/ability on the hills.

  • Weekend endurance rides: Will begin at 50km and approx 25km/hr and slowly increase throughout the season, with a goal of reaching approximately 120 km with increased average speed. The actual progression will be based on the group.

  • Wednesday Social Rides: While not officially lead by ERTC-Lite leaders, the intent and goal of the Wednesday club ride and ERTC-Lite are very similar. If you’re comfortable with one, you’ll be comfortable on the other.

  • Women of ERTC Rides: ERTC-Lite is an expansion of the WoERTC in that it has a similar purpose, goal, and target rider group - without the gender distinction. Both groups will partner together to ensure there are numerous ride options that work towards the same goal - rider development

  • All rides have mandatory re-groups and are no-drop, so feel free to shout out if you’re having trouble keeping with the pace. Our goal is to ride in a proper paceline without leaving anyone behind.


  • Learn to Ride Series: First 4 Wednesdays in May.

  • ERTC-Lite Season Opener May 5th: We’ll start with a XXXkm ride on Sunday May 5th. Check out Strava for information on route, starting point, and times

  • ERTC-Lite Hills starts May 9th

  • For more information be sure to follow ERTC on Strava. All Lite rides will be posted there


  • Co-Lead by Jason Carter and Thomas Rothschild, ERTC-Lite is supported both by tenured riders and racers who are passionate about rider development and growing the love for cycling in Edmonton. 

  • If you have any questions specifically about the ERTC-Lite group, please email ertclite@ertc.org.