Membership has its benefits and when you join ERTC, those benefits include a lot more than training partners and mentorship. We encourage you to grow as an athlete through the following benefits programs.


Try Racing Program
If you have never held a race licence, our Try Racing program applies to you.

We will pay your race entry fees for any or all of the Edmonton-based unsanctioned event series and ERTC hosted races. This includes:

  • Spring Series Road Races(April-May)

  • ­Fat Tire Tuesday Mountain Bike (July and August)

  • Wednesday Night Cross Races (September and October)

  • Any other non-­sanctioned race series that may be listed on the ABA website, excluding fondos/sportives.

  • ERTC ITT/Crit in July and School of Cross in October.

Should you decide to get an ABA Race Licence and register for and start one UCI sanctioned event, you will get a $75 off a Jakroo short sleeve jersey.  Also included is a "Welcome to Racing" package consisting of small, but essential items you need for racing. 

For exact terms and conditions, along with the opportunity to register for this program, please click here. 

Learn to Ride Wednesdays
This program provides you with the essentials of road riding—and leads into the Wednesday night social ride, where you can practice the concepts you’ve learned. Led by veteran ERTC members, “Learn to Ride” covers skills such as emergency stopping, avoiding obstacles and “hopping”. In short, this is where you get to try out manoeuvres and develop skills that prepare you for safe road riding.

Women’s Only Training Rides
The Edmonton Road and Track Club holds regular women’s only training and recreational rides. Especially if you’re new to the sport, this is an ideal setting to learn about cycling first-hand from more experienced female riders. Organized by ERTC Women’s Cycling leader Tiffany Baker, you’ll learn everything from the very basics of riding, to more sophisticated details of endurance riding and training.

Mountain Bike Rides with Hardcore Bikes
New for 2017 - We are working with Hardcore Bikes this year to provide our members with safe, regular mountain bike rides led by the experienced folks over there! Rides meet up at their shop on 10008 82 Ave and leave at 6:30PM during the season. They also offer Fatbike rides throughout the winter. This benefit comes with no additional cost on top of your regular membership. Conversely, they will have access to our road rides, so please make them feel welcome! More information about their club rides here. Limits do apply and you may be asked by the ride leaders at Hardcore Bikes to pay a secondary membership fee to Hardcore Bikes of $35 in order to continue riding with them on a regular basis. 

Social Events / Swap Meets
We’re hosting these fun swap meet / social events every 3 or 4 months. You can bring your extra bike parts, training videos, or other non-bikey stuff you think you can trade for a set of wheels. We provide the food, and you bring your own beverages. In the summer, it’s a BBQ. In the fall and winter, we’ll find a cozy indoor venue. Gezelligheid!

Race Team Support
For Category 4/Sport or above racers, support will be provided for the racers - we are still working on a program that works within the budget and to the satisfaction of our current race team.