ERTC Weekly Ride Schedule

One of the biggest changes for 2019 is ride planning via Strava ( Strava offers us a way to plan rides, change routes, and set leaders and have all these connected to a rider. If you don’t already know what Strava is, think of it as “Facebook for Athletes” where you post rides you do, and people can check them out, and comment on them. It also offers a lot of indepth analytics for your ride if you have data collectors (GPS, HR, Power, Cadence, etc.) Once you have joined Strava, you will need to join our Club on Strava ( and you will be approved to join. Once in, you can sign up for rides and see what else everyone in the club is up to.

All rides listed below are Official Rides, requiring you to be a member. You should note that the ride schedule below is a rough schedule and you should join Strava for current updates regarding changes in route or timing due to weather or other unforeseen conditions. For unofficial and "Pick-up" Rides, please visit our Facebook page. If you want to know more about the various rides, please check out the ride descriptions. 

ERTC Strava Activity