ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 19

Nope – you aren’t imagining it; these are getting later and shorter (but not sweeter). First up – all the rides ran great this week, seeing great attendance with hills having a huge turnout as usual! All other rides had the usual 10-15 suspects. Highlandia was a smashing success, where we were asked to help provide volunteers, and I swear we had about half the volunteer field covered by members! Give yourself a huge round of applause for coming through for the racing community and I hope your experience at the race was great even if you weren’t racing!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 12

Highlandia Criterium this weekend! Please please please please volunteer! Yes, I am desperate. We have been asked to reach out and get people to volunteer so here I am. I would say don’t make me beg, but I’m begging. Anyways – If you are racing, you can still volunteer during your not – race. If you race before 5pm, then you can sign up for 1-5, if you race after, you can sign up for 5-9. It takes place during a street festival as well and it will be a blast! Sign-up to volunteer here:

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 6

These updates just keep getting quicker and dirtier eh? (And later!) Aaaaaaaaanyway: Great weather, great week, weekend was a blast, with Rich’s Kool Kid Kruiser going as well as the “Dusty 100” gravel grinder ride, and the Spice Girls ride on Saturday was also amazing, with Rabih bringing out the big guns(speakers) and blasting Spice Girls all day. Anyways, this is what’s new in the world of ERTC!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of May 29

Oh boy oh boy it’s an update!! First off, sorry for the lack of updates last week, between the long weekend and all the riding it was tough… oh who am I kidding, I was lazy. But good news is, the club didn’t burn down. Anyways, steady warm temperatures have been seeing our rides at an all time high for attendance! The big item from this last week was The TASC race on Saturday and Sunday, with a very strong showing from all of ERTC, with Sarah Gilchrist and Brynlee Thomas ending up on the podium for the road race. Scott Rusnak, Tiffany Baker, Scott Klarenbach, Sarah Gilchrist, all ended up on the podium for the criterium Sunday. Overall it was an extremely successful weekend for ERTC with team tactics coming into play a lot of the time! Also, congratulations to Scott Rusnak and Danielle Meunier for their upgrades into Cat4.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of May 15

Alrighty then, time for your weekly update! I'm writing this on my phone so I'm just gonna pre-apologize for any strange autocorrect crap. Anyways! Tuesday saw a big group led by Tim at the research park checking out the crit course and working on intervals. Thursday also saw a fairly large group (20? I didn't count) slamming up our river valley! And on to the big event this weekend, the Velocity Stage Race! 

ERTC Weekly Updates - Week of May 8

Hey Folks – quick and dirty update this week, since I’m a bit crunched for time. Great week with big numbers showing up for Thursday and Saturday, (25-30 people I believe?) I’m betting the heat had something to do with that!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of April 24

I know how excited you all are to read this week’s super-duper awesome update!!! The best week was a dicey one due to weather, but we did see 32 people come out for hills night, which might be the most we’ve ever had for a ride in April!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of April 17

Hey y’all! It’s another edition of the weekly update! First off, welcome to all the new members that have joined in the last week, it’s the time of the season where we get the largest influx of new members! A few of us have spent the last week in Penticton but are back now, back to this… “lovely” weather.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of April 10

Hooboy, lots of stuff this week, as the road season is in full swing now! Our skill session on Wednesday was a massive success, with over 20 people showing up, with the experienced riders helping the newer ones, it was a great start to the season! Hills night was also a hit, with about a dozen souls tackling the hills in Edmonton. Onward to the weekend, where the last info sessions were a hit, with Michael van Den Ham made a surprise appearance to give a talk about racing. 

The spring series races on the Sunday were a true show of strength from ERTC, with over 20 members showing Alberta Racing what we are made of, with an full ERTC sweep of the women's podium with Sarah, Kelly, and Danielle in the first, second, and third spots, respectively. Great job to the ladies and everyone else who rode for us this race!

Couple of things you should know:

  • ALL CLUB RIDES ARE NOW FULLY OPERATIONAL. Show up at the designated time and place and ride! Weather policy applies. Rides are only canceled if it is actively precipitating at the time of the ride, or Air Quality index is higher than 7. You will need to be a member to participate.
  • April 11 - MEC Club Night - 6-9pm at the southside location, 1624 99 St NW. Show up, hang out with other club members. Get 10% off everything in store, including bikes. 
  • Skill Sessions on Wednesday - Please show up whether you are experienced or not, if you are experienced, help out someone who isn't. 
  • A lot of race team members are still in Penticton, so attendance will still be slightly lower than usual. 

Until next week, Chapeau!


ERTC Weekly Update - Week of April 3

Hey dudes and dudettes, sorry for the late update, but at least not as late as spring is this year! Lots of fresh, hot updates for you this week. Remember to check the schedule for all official rides. They will all be going starting next week.

First: Our first skill sessions led by Tim Bulger is Wednesday, April 5th. Hawrelak Park at 6. is the event link, please come by whether you are new or experienced! If you are experienced, then please help a new member!

Second: Our final session for racing information is this Saturday, 2PM for the ladies( , and 12PM ( for everyone else at Revolution Cycle. Please do your best to attend if you are new the race scene or might possibly get involved next year. Because of this, there will be no official Saturday ride.

Third: Our Hill Night is now officially official! Please meet up at 6:00PM at Hawrelak Park, and wheels in motion by 6:15PM with a couple of laps of Hawrelak Park before hitting up the hills in the best hill ride in Edmonton!

Forth: the first spring series road race is THIS SUNDAY!!!! (April 8) This marks the beginning of the road season here in Alberta. Check this out for the event link: and even if you aren’t racing please sign up to volunteer or if you are racing, bring a helper! Volunteer Signup here:

Fifth: a lot of members are headed out to Penticton for the annual training camp, so ride attendance will be lower than usual, however the rides will still be well-attended so do not be afraid to show up!

Sixth: ERTC will be receiving a 20% discount on all 4iiii Products, including power meters. E-mail me for more information!

Seventh: ERTC will be attending Mountain Equipment Co-op's Club night on April 11. stop by, 6-9PM for a 10% discount on EVERYTHING instore. Because the downtown location is being moved, this is at the new southside location. 1624 99 Street NW South Edmonton

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of March 20

Spring is (technically) here! Although riding season is almost here, so close I can almost taste it... Anyways, if this weather keeps up, there will be an official ride on Saturday, as the roads will be clear of snow and grit and most of the water will be gone. It will be a high of 11 of Saturday and this is definitely spring ride temperature, so please keep your eyes peeled for updates on Facebook!

Couple of reminders this week:

Please remember to  register for the Try Racing program if you haven't yet, and make sure you qualify, as I will be cross-checking. Link and terms/conditions are here: there are only 6 spots left!!

Second Reminder is our Learn to Race seminar (open to everyone) is this Saturday at 12-2 at Revolution Cycle (Link here: and the Women's Only one is 2-4 (Link here:

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of March 13

Arrrrrggghhhhh… won’t this snow go away?! Last year we were already riding outside at this time (albeit in thermal gear) but at least the roads were clear! Regular scheduled rides will begin once the snow has cleared completely. Up until then, keep an eye on Facebook for pickup rides. Anyways, some updates!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of February 13

Hey all! As these start to become more frequent, we will be moving back to the website for regular updates, so please remember to check it weekly! I'll be moving back to how I had it last year with a weekly update on the website and an e-mail blast to let you guys know starting March 1. As usual, our blog is right on just scroll down, There will be direct links to updates in emails. Just a couple of things for now:

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of October 11

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of October 11

Brrrrrrrr there’s snow on the ground! As per weather policy this means that regular rides are now all OFFICIALLY canceled! Don’t fear though, this doesn’t mean we don’t ride, but rather it means keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for when there will be rides. Don’t be afraid to suggest them on the Facebook page. They will go when the roads or clear, it’s warm, or any combination. Some of these rides may require fenders, or something other than a road bike, and will definitely require big “to see lights” if happening in the evening. I will keep writing updates sporadically when there are important events or information you need to know about! (Which means you get to read these for another 2-3 weeks).

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of October 3

It’s great to see everyone out there still riding! It’s cold and chilly now but just gotta layer up! The bike scene is still running strong with cross as popular as ever, with every mid week cross race breaking previous attendance records! If you haven’t tried cross yet, you can race it on a cross bike or mountain bike, or a hybrid with knobby tires. If you don’t have one, I encourage you to borrow one as it’s easily one of best things to do in the fall!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 26

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 26

Aight, let’s crush this out real quick! Lots to say this week. Weather was beautiful, picture perfect, albeit a little cold on Tuesday Thursday, but that didn’t stop some intrepid souls to continue riding! Huge ERTC presence at the cross race on Wednesday (I lost count) along with ERTC absolutely killing it this weekend in Cross! Big ups to (in no particular order) – Buzz Desmarais, Martin Tolton, Liann Cameron, Brandon Langille, Scott Klarenback, Alex Inglis, Carson Kerr, Jakob Claffey, Drew Malcolm, Graham Watts, and Greg Nicholson for flying our colours and making us proud! Sunday was also the Roger’s Harvest Ride which saw some ERTC roadies show up instead of tackling the cross race and was a solid push! Everyone wish Terra, our former clothing manager, a speedy recovery, as she took quite a spill and suffered multiple fractures in her cheek and eye area.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 19

Aren’t the fall colours just great?! While fall means the season is ending soon, it’s definitely the prettiest season to ride in, that special smell, the colours, the cool wind…anyways. ERTC made a great showing at the MEC fondo with about 8 of us braving the sudden drop in forecasted temps, and the rain to ride 100-160km! The women's ride out in Elk Island was also a success, with 11 brave ladies slogging through the wind and the rain for what will be a ride to be remembered!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 12

Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m back to typing these things, expect the usual long-windedness to get to any sort of point. I can’t comment on how the rides were for the last 3 weeks because I haven’t been riding them, and unfortunately it’ll probably be another 3-4 weeks before I do. But fear not, ERTC rides until the snow flies! Lots of stuff to go through this week so let’s get into it. Cross is in full swing so be sure to come out to our cross practice rides on Tuedays and Midweek Cross Races on Wednesdays! Message me if you want a discount code to register. Late season Cross Race Licenses are now available for $75 from the ABA.

ERTC Weekly Update - September 5

So, Albert is still not able to type much with his broken collarbone. Your guest writer this week is clothing manager and web guy. Forgive me, I'm an IT guy, I rarely write anything but code! In the Albert tradition, I am writing this while drinking booze, albeit red wine and not beer.

Tour of Alberta - I'm sure many of us took in some or part (or all?) of the Tour Of Alberta.  We are really lucky to have pro cycling come to our province. I saw ERTC'ers at every major point on the course representing in the team colours! Woot! 

Velothon - I think we must have had 20-30+ ERTC riders participate.  Everyone seemed to have a blast despite the cool conditions. I heard it got pretty spicy at the front with Scott Klarenbach, Mitchell Thomas and Brandon Langille top 3 across the line (I hope I got that right!). Post race beers were had in the Churchhill Square beer garden for some celebration and sharing of war stories. 

Coming up (also check the schedule on the website):

Tuesday — Cross ride, meet at Wild Earth at 6!

Wednesday - Weekly cyclocross race at Argyle Park (check the FB for confirmation on location. Registration starts at 6. The pain begins at 7. Last week  120 showed up to race!

Saturday, September 10th, DV100 – The race/ride is definitely one of the biggest in Alberta with a bunch of racers showing up even though there are no points – it interferes with cross a little so it’s a tough choice, but definitely a great event! We have many racers confirmed for this already.

Saturday, September 17 - MEC Fondo. Ardrossan. 65K/105K/160K

Sunday, September 25 - Rogers Harvest Ride. Ardrossan. 20K/60K/100K.

Clothing Manager Note:

The weather is getting colder and the club has a limited selection of cold weather gear in stock.  We have leg warmers (1S, 4M, 4XL), vest (1L, 1XL), bib tights (2S, 2M, 2L), and winter jackets (1S, 1M, 2L, 1XL).  We also have various amounts of our summer gear as well.

Also, for next season, I have had a few people express interest in the aero road suits, which are skinsuits with pockets. They are slightly more money than bibs/jersey at $220, but are what all the pro guys are racing in these days. Ping me at, so I can determine interest in putting in an order.