ERTC Non-Weekly Update

Woo, it’s been awhile since one of these things, so here goes! This is The first one of the new year unless I’ve forgotten, which is completely possible. But registration has been open for some time, hope to see you again next year. I will be continuing to use both new and old email lists, until the end of February here is the registration link:

ERTC Weekly(lol) Update - Week of November 6

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these! Anywho in the last… month there’s been a lot of goings on. Cross season ended, the snow seems to be sticking and here’s to your chosen winter activities! Being ERTC we have a multitude of people keeping busy this winter with a variety of activities, just post on Facebook if you want to do something and I bet someone will want to join ya! Anyways some announcements.

  1. Regular Club Rides are now concluded for the year. Winter rides will take up on a pick up basis. Want to ride? Just post!

  2. November 13 - MEC Club Night - This Monday!! Come in, check in at our desk, and get 10% off everything in the store!! This includes bikes, skis, boats, climbing gear, whatever. This Monday Only.

  3. November 17 - ERTC 2017 AGM - Have your say in how this club is run! Candid discussions on how you think the club is running are welcomed. Up for election this year is Vice President (Currently held by Greg Nicholson) and Women’s Cycling Coordinator(Currently held by Tiffany Baker) It will be at Revolution Cycle at 6:30, but we will have the food arriving at 6, so come early to get some food in ya! Bring some money for beer if you like. If you want more details, check out the Facebook event. don't have an invite? Let me know! also email me if you have any food restrictions. 

Please complete our yearly survey here: and we will do our best to incorporate your answers into how we run the club next year!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of October 2

Welcome to October! So I totally got caught up watching Lady Gaga’s new documentary and Netflix… no regrets, so I guess you’re just gonna have to live with me posting this on a Tuesday Night. Anyways the sun sets at 7:20 or so nowadays so our midweek rides are definitely into the night - I would recommend something like this as a front light and a blinky as a rear if you want to be riding in the evenings. Onto the news!

ERTC Weekly Update = Week of September 25

Miss me, miss me now you gotta ki… nevermind I don’t want your cooties. Great weather this weekend after a week of that icky white stuff! Evenings are getting really short. I highly recommend full lights for Thursday Hills this week (weathers looking great!)

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 18

Happy Mid-September Snow Day! (Yup, it’s snowing as I write this.) Weather did not cooperate last week, with it being some combination of rain, or wind, or cold, but great to see people out and riding regardless! A reminder that regularly scheduled road rides will continue to happen up until the snow starts to stick, so I hope y’all got some cold weather gear.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 11

Ayy lmao it’s a weekly update! Big week for ERTC as we’ve had great showings at the Wednesday Night Cross races, the DV100, and Beans ‘n’ Barley / Pumphouse Cross. We spread ourselves wide, but never thin! (Ok that sounded a lot better in my head…) Anywho, a reminder to please bring lights on ALL mid-week rides. Sun sets really early now, so please be aware. Also a reminder that our clothing store is always open, so if you need warmer clothing, now is the time to buy!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of September 4

Dear esteemed members of the Edmonton Road and Track Club, I hope this communique finds you well. Oh, who am I kidding, I couldn’t do that for an entire update! Let’s make this quick shall we?

Event Updates:

1.       September 6 – Midweek Cross Continues!

2.       September 9-10 First Official Cross races of the year! Beans and Barley and Pumphouse Cross! See for more info.

3.       September 9 - DV100 – ERTC is fielding a team this year, however expect this to be well attended! -

4.       September 16 - MEC Gran Fondo – very affordable fully supported event with 60/100/160km options -

Ride Updates:

Tonight's Cross Practice Ride is at Royal Gardens Park - 6:30-7:30. Dismounting, Barriers, and Shouldering your bike will be covered. 

All rides are a go! Remember to bring lights on the mid-week rides, as it is now dusk when our rides end. Big lights if you’re in the river valley, and blinkies if you’re staying on the roads. Looking for recommendations? Post on facebook and people will help you out!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of August 28

Bit late this week, but don’t you worry, I haven’t fallen off the horse just yet! Big ups to all our racers who did provincial time trials, team time trials, and those who represented our club at the fun cross race on the weekend!

ERTC Weekly Updates - Week of August 14

Ok. so it’s been way too long since we last chatted, I miss you all! I don’t have any excuses other than laziness as to why I haven’t been doing these. Anyways… Another great week, great attendance, and if the Facebook pictures are any indication, great drinking! The last couple of weeks saw the Bowness Stage Race as well as the FREE/ PRW Race Series go and ERTC definitely was well represented there, with Kelly MacGregor upgrading into Cat4, Andrew Linklater upgrading into Cat4, Keith Pask upgrading into Cat4, and Graham Watts earning his upgrade into Cat2.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of July 24

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of July 24

Here we go, one more time, everybody’s feeling fine! I’ll just lead off with the previous week’s main event, the Tour de l’Alberta. A challenging ride no matter what level you are, it was a long day, filled with perfect weather, smiles (perhaps slowly turning to grimaces) and meatpies! We had approximately 30 people from ERTC take part in various distances and showed everyone what we are made of! I saw a lot of teamwork and cooperation out there, with ERTC members often taking big pulls for everyone. We’ve definitely generated a lot of interest in our club after doing the tour! Everyone has lots of stories to tell, so I encourage you to share them on the Facebook page or one of the many chats. Anyways, updates!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of July 17

Aight here we go! Lots of inclement weather this week, so it’s great to see people applying a liberal helping of rule 5(! Big news this week is our ERTCTCTTC went off mostly without a hitch, a big shout out to Graham Watts, Tim Bulger, and Greg Nicholson for stepping up and taking on that huge task. They all enjoy a good beer so don’t hesitate to buy them a drink the next time you see them, and a thank you to all the volunteers who helped us out before and the day of!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of July 10

Hey all! Weekly Update here! Previous week was a great week, with lots of sun, rides, and patio accidents! Gonna make this one as short as I can, because I know nobody actually gets to the end of these and reads the important stuff (shame shame) This weekend was the provincial road race, congratulations to Kelly Macgregor and Suzie Poirier for ending up on the podium after a long hot race.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of July 3

Alrighty then! Making up for last week cause I was sick and didn’t feel like doing much (I have asked myself on multiple occasions if you can actually melt into a bed… fortunately you can’t!) Last week was kind of a rainy week so Tuesday and Wednesday rights didn’t go (despite us having a leader for Wednesday!) (Wow there are a lot of brackets) (OK I’ll stop), however Thursday saw the usual loads of riders. Saturday was the Canada Day Criterium, which despite no longer being provincials (More on that later)(OK I lied about the brackets) saw great attendance from the club, racers and not, partaking in the festivities! Huge Congratulations to Liann Cameron and Andrew Linklater for gracing the podium, with a 1st and 3rd respectively, and props to all the racers who showed up and represented the club.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 19

Nope – you aren’t imagining it; these are getting later and shorter (but not sweeter). First up – all the rides ran great this week, seeing great attendance with hills having a huge turnout as usual! All other rides had the usual 10-15 suspects. Highlandia was a smashing success, where we were asked to help provide volunteers, and I swear we had about half the volunteer field covered by members! Give yourself a huge round of applause for coming through for the racing community and I hope your experience at the race was great even if you weren’t racing!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 12

Highlandia Criterium this weekend! Please please please please volunteer! Yes, I am desperate. We have been asked to reach out and get people to volunteer so here I am. I would say don’t make me beg, but I’m begging. Anyways – If you are racing, you can still volunteer during your not – race. If you race before 5pm, then you can sign up for 1-5, if you race after, you can sign up for 5-9. It takes place during a street festival as well and it will be a blast! Sign-up to volunteer here:

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of June 6

These updates just keep getting quicker and dirtier eh? (And later!) Aaaaaaaaanyway: Great weather, great week, weekend was a blast, with Rich’s Kool Kid Kruiser going as well as the “Dusty 100” gravel grinder ride, and the Spice Girls ride on Saturday was also amazing, with Rabih bringing out the big guns(speakers) and blasting Spice Girls all day. Anyways, this is what’s new in the world of ERTC!

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of May 29

Oh boy oh boy it’s an update!! First off, sorry for the lack of updates last week, between the long weekend and all the riding it was tough… oh who am I kidding, I was lazy. But good news is, the club didn’t burn down. Anyways, steady warm temperatures have been seeing our rides at an all time high for attendance! The big item from this last week was The TASC race on Saturday and Sunday, with a very strong showing from all of ERTC, with Sarah Gilchrist and Brynlee Thomas ending up on the podium for the road race. Scott Rusnak, Tiffany Baker, Scott Klarenbach, Sarah Gilchrist, all ended up on the podium for the criterium Sunday. Overall it was an extremely successful weekend for ERTC with team tactics coming into play a lot of the time! Also, congratulations to Scott Rusnak and Danielle Meunier for their upgrades into Cat4.

ERTC Weekly Update - Week of May 15

Alrighty then, time for your weekly update! I'm writing this on my phone so I'm just gonna pre-apologize for any strange autocorrect crap. Anyways! Tuesday saw a big group led by Tim at the research park checking out the crit course and working on intervals. Thursday also saw a fairly large group (20? I didn't count) slamming up our river valley! And on to the big event this weekend, the Velocity Stage Race! 

ERTC Weekly Updates - Week of May 8

Hey Folks – quick and dirty update this week, since I’m a bit crunched for time. Great week with big numbers showing up for Thursday and Saturday, (25-30 people I believe?) I’m betting the heat had something to do with that!