We would ultimately like to be able to build up a base of about a dozen (or more!) ride leaders and mentors who have a little experience riding in groups who are able to lead rides and provide some homegrown help with regards to how to ride safer, and more skillfully. 

Anyone with some experience can be a ride leader, and regardless of whether you want it to be "official" or not, we would love to have you - however I would like to talk about our formal ride leadership/mentoring program. 

How it would work is essentially this:

Step 1: We send you to NCCP Level 1 Coaching School. We will pay for it. It is a weekend course in the early spring and generally doesn't conflict with riding. Can't make it? That's alright, you are still welcome to help out, but we would really like to see you make the effort to attend. Coaching school is full this year for now, but if you’re on the list you’ll receive updates!

Step 2A: You commit to a minimum of 2(ish) rides a month for the cycling season. These rides may or may not go due to weather, but the important part is that you said you were going to lead it. I also say 2ish cause if all the spots are filled up then you may co-lead or just show up and ride your bike. Our goal is to make sure all our rides have capable leaders, not that your "quota" is met. 

Step 2B: Can't make a ride? have a busy training schedule? That's alright too, if you want to help run a clinic, or help riders out with their training off bike by creating a training plan, that counts too! You will definitely need to go to coaching school if you wanna go this route.

Step 3: Throughout the season we will be giving you special perks such as first dibs on closeout/demo deals from our sponsors, free stuff from our sponsors (swag, beer, gift cards, maybe even bike stuff), all the way up to race entry / fondo entries paid for, or even club kit! What you receive will vary per participant as not everyone wants more jerseys or a race entry, but we will strive to make sure everyone is rewarded for their time!

Step 4: If you decide you like coaching, we are also able to help you pay for furthering your coaching career - we will evaluate this on a case-to-case basis and decide based on your commitment level how much (up to 100%) of your coaching school fees we are willing to pay for. 

Other stuff:

You will be expected to use whatever ride planning solution we go with in order to book your rides and routes. The solutions we are looking at will be independent of Facebook and give you the ability to create rides, set routes, and view participants. 

E-mail me at president@ertc.org if you are interested!