1 week in and I’m already procrastinating doing these! Quick recap of the week: Thursday had most likely the largest group I’ve ever seen on a Thursday! For now we will keep it coherent in one group and later on when we have the routes a little more solidified we will split it with 2 different routes so we all end up at Rosso at the same time! Saturday also had a good group out with an equal amount of people opting for the long vs. short options.

Club Updates:

  1. The first bicycle skills session is this Wednesday at 6pm, please make an effort to come even if you are a returning member - we would like the more experienced members to help out and it’s a great way to meet our new members! More information here: http://www.ertc.org/learntoride/

  2. The second annual “Cinco-De-Biko-De-Mayo” is this Saturday! All you can eat Mexican food is included if you are a current member of ERTC, and $15 if you want to bring a significant other. $10 for a bottomless cup of beer from the keg! (Drink responsibly!) E-mail me at president@ertc.org if you have not received an invite via Facebook.

  3. We are hosting an unofficial (No Points) time trial on May 6th. 30km of totally fun times. Register here: https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=17865&lan=1&cartlevel=1  tech guide here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQoKxuhWCzhHFD4pznBNM5pn5rxsNAGeGOqZVx_uwyu7PKeJpaLcHKji5lRYuUMvXbEfTg3v78dNo-Y/pub  and we still need volunteers! Register here for volunteers: https://www.volunteersignup.org/F4AKJ

Ride Updates:

  1. Intervals will be at the research park until June, and afterwards we will we swapping between the research park and Beaumont.

  2. Thursday Hills will be the following route this week: 4x Zoo Hill, 3x Emily Murphy, 1x Victoria Hill, 4x Legislature, (The Rosso, buuuuut if you want to keep going) 1x Grierson, 3x Cameron, 1x Rowland Hill, 1x Scona Hill (Then Rosso.) The new route we trialled last week was a bit inefficient, requiring a lot of snaking about on multi-use trails.