Alrighty, I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing these over the winter, but never fear, for I shall be writing you you weekly from here and for the rest of the riding year!

Club Updates and News:

  1. As mentioned previously, we are excited to welcome Velofix Edmonton( as a new sponsor for the club. Please have a look at previous post for details.

  2. All club kit has been updated with new logos, and the cutoff date for this batch is April 26th if you want your kit before race season begins. You can order all year but typically the first batches of the year is the cheapest as we take advantage of bulk pricing. All old stock has also been drastically reduced.

  3. Like and follow us at for up to the minute ride updates and announcements. All announcements will also be made via email, but Facebook will be the only place for ride cancellations due to weather. Join the social group at for banter, pickup rides, and bike nerd stuff!

  4. Our "Learn to Ride" Series of Skillbuilding sessions starts next week! - Free to all current year members this is a series of 4 rides that will teach you how to safely ride in a group as well as bike handling skills. More information here:

  5. Our first social if on May 5th this year- food is paid for, bring $10 if you want a bottomless cup o' beer courtesy of our keg. email me at to RSVP or hit up the Facebook page. 

  6. We are hosting an unofficial (No Points) time trial on May 6th. 30km of totally fun times. Register here:  tech guide here:  and we still need volunteers! Register here for volunteers:

Ride Updates:

  1. All official rides are now posted on the calendar(, and click “Weekly Ride Schedule”), and start THIS THURSDAY!! It’s finally warm enough and the streets have been swept. If you haven’t been out in a group before, we recommend you coming our for our learn to ride series starting next week.

  2. Saturday is also a go!