Ay-ye Ay-ye Ayy here’s a blog post!~ Congratulations to all of our “graduates” of the Learn 2 Ride Skills Sessions, with 25 people coming out to the finish session - we hope you’ve come away a better and safer rider! Keep your eyes peeled for more casually paced rides on Wednesdays throughout the summer!

Club Updates:

  1. You still should really volunteer for our race. Our race DOES NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS. Seriously. https://www.volunteersignup.org/YRLCD

  2. We are looking for ride leaders for Wednesday Night Casual Rides - don’t be afraid if you don’t think you are fast enough or ride well enough - we are looking for people to essentially make sure the group knows where they are headed, and provide a friendly face so people know who to look for! These rides are about being social and meeting new people at a casual pace! Shoot me a message or write me an e-mail (president@ertc.org) if you’re interested - there’s no commitment and we can provide a route based on what you are comfortable with.

  3. Remember to join our Social Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2316916558/ for all the hot cycling goss’ and up to the minute ride updates!

  4. While not new, we have an on-going deal with 4iiii - they make cycling electronics such as heart rate monitors and power meters and are based in Cochrane. We enjoy 20% off everything that they sell, including power meters!! e-mail me to set up your account with 4iiii and get a coupon code. 

Ride Updates:

  1. All rides are a go ahead for this week, however the weather is looking poopy this week, so remember to use your discretion, and don’t rely on the group - chances are if you’re thinking about riding, someone else is too!