Aight so like yesterday was like a holiday so today is actually Monday so this isn’t actually late right?! So anyways, WE STILL REALLY NEED YOUR HELP FOR OUR RACE!!! Putting on races is one of the ways the ERTC tries to contribute to the cycling scene in Alberta. The stronger the scene, the better we are all for it. You can sign up here:

Club/Event Updates:

  1. Yeah you really should volunteer. More information here:

  2. Did I mention you should volunteer?

  3. No road races, this weekend, but Hardcore Royal River Valley Rumble V MTB race is on! Check out the tech guide here:

Ride Updates:

  1. All rides are going as planned. No road racing this weekend so expect a larger turnout.

  2. Wednesday is our final Learn to Ride - It is a group ride and all members new and old are encouraged to come. Relaxed Pace and 35-40km.