I don’t have any cheesy openings this week so let’s just get right down to the center of the wheel shall we?

A huge congratulations to Shauna Telford, as she is now the NATIONAL CRITERIUM CHAMPION for the Masters 30-39 Age Group! Hopefully you’ll get to meet her on one of the rides rocking her brand new red and white champions jersey!

Club Updates

  1. A new 4 week “Learn to Ride Track” Program starts up on June 11. Just show up at the Velodrome every Monday night and get your track on! Bring your own shoes and helmet. The velodrome takes care of the rest. No cost for ERTC Members, and you will be coached by the Junior WORLD CHAMPION in the kilo. If you ask nice he might even autograph your jersey! RSVP for the classes here: stefanshredsfernie@gmail.com

  2. We are still in DESPERATE NEED of volunteers for our race. Without volunteers, we do not have a race. Really want to race but don’t want to feel guilty about volunteering? Bring a friend and have them drive a car / stand at a corner! Sign up here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/YRLCD

Ride Updates

  1. We are still looking for leaders for our Casual Wednesday Night Rides. We supply you with the routes, you make sure everyone knows where they are going and doing their best to ride safely! Not sure you are a good enough rider? That’s ok, Wednesday is your chance to get better!

  2. All other rides will go!