Perject KOM hunting weather! Not! I’m staying inside… Another week, which means another week where we all loved riding our bikes despite the conditions… right? Right?! Anyway. Things!

Club Updates:

  1. Hey. We need you. To Volunteer for our race. We can’t stress this enough - without volunteers the race does not happen. Sign up here:

  2. Beginner track nights were supposed to start tonight, but have been canceled tonight due to weather, which means you still have another week to signup for the 4 week into to track course! RSVP at

  3. Ghost of the Gravel is this weekend… I don’t usually post about races but this is a unique race / fondo that happens on empty gravel roads and will be an adventure for anyone who comes!! Info here:

Ride Updates:

  1. Wednesdays now have a leader so the rides will go based on the calendar. Please come to this ride if you are looking for a more casual paced social ride or are new to group riding and want to practice in a safe environment. Meets at 6:00 in Hawrelak Park.

  2. All other rides are a gooo!