Dear esteemed members of the Edmonton Road and Track Club, I hope this communique finds you well. Oh, who am I kidding, I couldn’t do that for an entire update! Let’s make this quick shall we?

Event Updates:

1.       September 6 – Midweek Cross Continues!

2.       September 9-10 First Official Cross races of the year! Beans and Barley and Pumphouse Cross! See for more info.

3.       September 9 - DV100 – ERTC is fielding a team this year, however expect this to be well attended! -

4.       September 16 - MEC Gran Fondo – very affordable fully supported event with 60/100/160km options -

Ride Updates:

Tonight's Cross Practice Ride is at Royal Gardens Park - 6:30-7:30. Dismounting, Barriers, and Shouldering your bike will be covered. 

All rides are a go! Remember to bring lights on the mid-week rides, as it is now dusk when our rides end. Big lights if you’re in the river valley, and blinkies if you’re staying on the roads. Looking for recommendations? Post on facebook and people will help you out!