Bit late this week, but don’t you worry, I haven’t fallen off the horse just yet! Big ups to all our racers who did provincial time trials, team time trials, and those who represented our club at the fun cross race on the weekend!

Anyways, announcements!

1.       Midweek Cross Starts up this Wednesday(Tomorrow!!) remember to sign up at

2.       September 1-4 - Tour of Alberta – Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for information about meetups and viewing locations for the tour. Beer and good times will be had!

3.       September 4 – Velothon Edmonton – A great ride/race on the same closed course as the Tour of Alberta – velothonertc is the password to join our team, ABLBSDISCOUNT0032 to save $25 on registration. sign up here:

4.       September 10 - DV100 – ERTC is fielding a team this year, however expect this to be well attended! -

5.       September 16 - MEC Gran Fondo – very affordable fully supported event with 60/100/160km options -

Ride Updates:

1.       Cross Ride Tuesdays is now officially at Royal Gardens Park this week and for all future weeks until cross season is over. Andrew and Tim have volunteered to bring out jumps and barriers for us to practice on, as this park is closest to them. This was also the site of our School of Cross race before 2015, so is a great park for cross. (We moved due to construction)

2.       Saturday’s ride will be changed to Spruce Grove – We will ride out to catch the finish of the Tour of Alberta and take in the festivities. Leaving Transcend at one, we will be in Spruce Grove around 2:45, allowing approximately an hour and a half to check out the festival before they come in for the finish. 80km round trip from Transcend. Can’t make the time? I’m sure other people are willing to take the usual Saturday Time / Route. Post on Facebook!