Aight here we go! Lots of inclement weather this week, so it’s great to see people applying a liberal helping of rule 5(! Big news this week is our ERTCTCTTC went off mostly without a hitch, a big shout out to Graham Watts, Tim Bulger, and Greg Nicholson for stepping up and taking on that huge task. They all enjoy a good beer so don’t hesitate to buy them a drink the next time you see them, and a thank you to all the volunteers who helped us out before and the day of!

A few announcements from Tiffany:

Cat5Gear Cases: Many club members took advantage of our Cat5Gear cycling case group order and are really enjoying some increased organization! There seems to be more interest – so if you want in on the life-changing organization send Tiffany ( an email by Wednesday July 19th. If there’s enough interest (6 or more people) we will do a second order. Cost for a case: $73.15 or $81.03 if you want your name embroidered. Includes logos, shipping, and GST. $15 for the mini-companion.

WoERTC Racing weekend: The WoERTC continue to maintain a strong presence with 8 women racing in both the TT and Crit. The TT saw Amanda Scott break the top 5 in fifth place, and Jennifer Gerlitz, Heather Magusinova, and Anne Dmytryshyn trying their first ABA road based race. In the Crit, fresh off of winning her duathlon in the morning, Suzie Poirier added to her days medal count with a first place win and Sharron Oakley placed just shy of the podium in 4th place. Congrats ladies!

Women’s Crepes and Shakes ride: 23 women braved the wind, impending rain, and smoke on Sunday for the 3rd annual women’s 100km ride. With the closure of Grounded in Devon, the food stop was moved to Crepes and Shakes in Beaumont, and what a food stop it was! Opening just for our group of women, Crepes and Shakes offered us mint and raspberry infused water when we arrived, a blazing fire, fresh food options made that day from their garden, and even ducks to play with! With the increased wind, many of the group chose a 70km option, but 10 women braved the extended headwind for a full 100km ride, complete with a soaking right at the end. Many experienced WoERTC provided support and created friendships with those newer to the ride – so despite the weather it was a great ride all the way around!

And a few updates from me:

  1. Ride cancellation policy especially in this smokiness is if the AQHI is a 7 or above it is cancelled. Note that this is the “official” line for healthy individuals from Health Canada with no known air quality sensitivities. Please check yoself before you wreck yoself.

  2. A reminder that tomorrow's intervals are at the crit course. There will be NO meeting at Transcend prior, just come out to the cirt course for 6:30.

  3. Tour d’la Alberta is on SUNDAY! Please register if you haven’t yet. This is a major event for our sponsor, Revolution Cycle and is highly recommended regardless of your level. Register here:

Ride Updates:

  1. All rides are cancelled on Sunday in lieu of the TdlA. Please come out!