Here we go, one more time, everybody’s feeling fine! I’ll just lead off with the previous week’s main event, the Tour de l’Alberta. A challenging ride no matter what level you are, it was a long day, filled with perfect weather, smiles (perhaps slowly turning to grimaces) and meatpies! We had approximately 30 people from ERTC take part in various distances and showed everyone what we are made of! I saw a lot of teamwork and cooperation out there, with ERTC members often taking big pulls for everyone. We’ve definitely generated a lot of interest in our club after doing the tour! Everyone has lots of stories to tell, so I encourage you to share them on the Facebook page or one of the many chats. Anyways, updates!

General Updates:

  1. ERTC Epic Ride Series - Highwood Pass - Event details here:

  2. Women of ERTC Thank you Potluck/Bonfire- Please message me or Tiffany Baker on Facebook to get an invite - it’s a private event, but you’re invited!  

  3. Velothon Edmonton: Awesome ride that happens on closed roads, ride it as a fondo, or becomes a race at the front with some of the fastest guys! Register here: join the ERTC club, password is "ertcvelothon" and remember to use our discount code of ABLBSDISCOUNT0032 to save $25.

  4. I've been getting a lot of questions about our deal with 4iiii regarding power meters (and other products!) E-mail me for details on how to get in on the 20% discount. 

Ride Updates:

  1. Intervals is not cancelled, as they are at Hawrelak Park. If you’re not feeling ripped up enough from the weekend, come out and jam! I will be riding easy laps…

  2. Saturday is NOT cancelled, despite us having a ride in Highwood Pass, as this is a long trip for many, I suspect more people will be staying in town.