Hey all! Weekly Update here! Previous week was a great week, with lots of sun, rides, and patio accidents! Gonna make this one as short as I can, because I know nobody actually gets to the end of these and reads the important stuff (shame shame) This weekend was the provincial road race, congratulations to Kelly Macgregor and Suzie Poirier for ending up on the podium after a long hot race.


1.       July 15th – the ERTCTCTTC – The ERTC Tapioca Cup Time Trial and Criterium – We need volunteers!!! Sign up to race here: https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=15718&lan=1&cartlevel=1 or volunteer here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/8XBHB we still need 5 more volunteers! The time trial is open to everyone, licensed or not, so come out to our event! As added incentive, your bike decals will also be at the event for pickup! 

2.       July 16th, Crepes n’ Shakes Annual Interclub Ladies ride – check your facebook invites, or email Tiffany if you wanna know more!

3.       The post-tapioca cup screening at Revolution has been canceled due to time constraints (Our Crit ended too late for Revolution to stay open.) There will be a rescheduling.

Ride Updates:

1.       Intervals is at Hawrelak tonight, as per the schedule.

2.       Saturday’s ride, while not cancelled, I would expect everyone to be helping out at our race or racing! As a club member, you will receive a discount, the code is in your inbox, and the TT is open to everyone, racing license or not! Come out and support our event!