These updates just keep getting quicker and dirtier eh? (And later!) Aaaaaaaaanyway: Great weather, great week, weekend was a blast, with Rich’s Kool Kid Kruiser going as well as the “Dusty 100” gravel grinder ride, and the Spice Girls ride on Saturday was also amazing, with Rabih bringing out the big guns(speakers) and blasting Spice Girls all day. Anyways, this is what’s new in the world of ERTC!

1.)    Your bike decals are in!! A one-time early bird bonus for those who registered before mid-April. I will be arranging pickup with all of you individually (bringing them to races, socials, etc.)

2.)   Finally got the frame plate holders on our website. Please pay for it if you received one. If you don’t have one and want one, you can also order one, please note if you are paying for one you already have or you if you want one under special instructions. Check it:

3.)    We need volunteers!!! For what you might ask? A couple things. We need volunteers to man the tent at outreach events. Things like setting up at Revolution and MEC and getting members, or at Triathlons. Set up, and hand out pamphlets, and talk to people about what your time here has been like. We can schedule around you as there are no hard times on here, but usually weekends for a couple hours would work out well. Just email me if you are interested.

4.)    Another thing we need volunteers for is the Highlandia Criterium happening on June 17. This crit is very easily rideable to and takes place during a community festival. We have been asked by the organizers to help out. You can very easily race and volunteer (or volunteer and race, if you are racing in the afternoon.) Mostly they will need corner marshals, which you just stand on one of the many corners and make sure all drivers know what is happening and don’t blow through the road closure signs, and report any crashes on your walkie-talkie to the first aiders, and call 911 if it is serious. If you are interested, email me or hit up the sign-up sheet here:

ANNNNNNNND last, but not least, ride changes:

1.)    Due to demand, Tuesdays will now be alternating between Hawrelak and the Research Park. Tonight will be research park.

2.)    No other changes, please see the schedule for regular ride information.