Oh boy oh boy it’s an update!! First off, sorry for the lack of updates last week, between the long weekend and all the riding it was tough… oh who am I kidding, I was lazy. But good news is, the club didn’t burn down. Anyways, steady warm temperatures have been seeing our rides at an all time high for attendance! The big item from this last week was The TASC race on Saturday and Sunday, with a very strong showing from all of ERTC, with Sarah Gilchrist and Brynlee Thomas ending up on the podium for the road race. Scott Rusnak, Tiffany Baker, Scott Klarenbach, Sarah Gilchrist, all ended up on the podium for the criterium Sunday. Overall it was an extremely successful weekend for ERTC with team tactics coming into play a lot of the time! Also, congratulations to Scott Rusnak, Danielle Meunier, and Colin Bellinger for their upgrades into Cat4.

Anyways updates!

1.)    Intervals this week are at Hawrelak at 6:15, due to lack of interest for the Beaumont option.

2.)    Hills are always a go, with a patio visit afterwards in the books if it is nice!

3.)    No races this weekend, so expect full attendance for the weekend rides, with groups based on average pace if required.