Midnight update! As usual it was another busy week for members, with all rides seeing great attendance and a large amount of members making it out for the MS Bike Tour on the weekend as well. I’m pretty tired so this is gonna be quick!

Event Updates:

1.)    Highlandia Criterium this weekend! Please please please please volunteer! Yes, I am desperate. We have been asked to reach out and get people to volunteer so here I am. I would say don’t make me beg, but I’m begging. Anyways – If you are racing, you can still volunteer during your not – race. If you race before 5pm, then you can sign up for 1-5, if you race after, you can sign up for 5-9. It takes place during a street festival as well and it will be a blast! Sign-up to volunteer here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/QF9EP

2.)    Ghost of the Gravel Is on Sunday – this is not a race and is a great event, especially if you are looking for a challenge. It’s an all day ride with plenty of aid stops, and is guaranteed to be a good time! Check it out here: http://deadgoat.ca/ghostofthegravel/

Ride Updates:

1.)    Tuesday’s ride is intervals at Hawrelak park. Meets at 6:15, 3 laps hard, take a break, repeat it 4 times (at least). This is the single best way to get faster for racing.

2.)    Saturday – Ride will be leaving at 9am instead – this is to let people get a ride in before volunteering at the Highlandia Criterium. There will be no official later ride. Did I mention you should volunteer?