As usual, a ton of stuff to get through, so I’ll get through it quickly so you won’t be asleep by the end! Weather looks ok for most of the week, so remember to RSVP for the week’s rides on strava (don’t see a ride? That means it isn’t happening) so that you can get cancellation notices when they happen. Road season is starting to heat up, with the first spring series race seeing over a dozen ERTC jerseys!

Club Announcements:

  1. ERTC is excited to announce the official ERTC-Lite program to help bridge riders from our learn to group ride program offered in May, to becoming capable, confident riders by the end of the season. You may have heard about this already if you attended the AGM - it’s initial name was “ERTC Rides” You will be seeing a follow up e-mail will all the juicy details.

  2. Spring Series Racing Continues - see for more information, and remember to bring $10 for registration. There will be a group riding out if the weather is nice, leaving Transcend at 11:00am on Sunday. I will throw up a strava event.

  3. Kit Orders CLOSE on Friday (if you want the best pricing) kit orders after this will likely be more expensive due to volume pricing - see - if you are participating in our mentors program, please contact me to see if you qualify and are able to get some kit as part of your benefits!

  4. NCCP Coaching Training is up - If you want to take coaching training, ERTC is happy to pay for all associated costs, provided you help us out with coaching! 2 day course over at and

Ride Announcements:

  1. Critervals is still on hold until the research park is swept of gravel.

  2. All changes to ride schedules will be on strava.