Annnnnnnnnnnd it’s the first regular weekly update!! Lots of things to get through here so let’s just crush through them!


  1. Regularish rides are starting up based on weather and ride leader availability, please check out strava for location, route and times. If it’s not on strava, it’s not happening.

  2. NEW KIT NEW KIT NEW KIT!! While the storefront is always open, we have placed an order deadline of April 12th to get the best pricing, as there are group discounts. You will be charged when the order goes through. We are likely to be in the 6-24 pricing range, however the price you see is the 2-5 item price. if you plan on being a ride mentor / ride leader I will be contacting you separately to see if you would like to get kit as part of the program.

  3. Our road racing takes part on public roads. Part of Alberta Transportation’s requirement to run races on public open roads is the use of certified flaggers to control traffic at key intersections. Up until last year, no county has enforced this rule, however last year saw the cancellation or move of several races due to this new requirement, and will expect more races across Alberta require certified flaggers.

    This places a large burden on race organizers and clubs, as it is expensive to hire the required amount for a race. This year, race organizers have come together and come up with a solution - to train and certify our own volunteers as flaggers. Without these flaggers, it will be difficult to put on any road races in Alberta. This is why we ask you: if you race, and even if you don’t race, please consider coming to the training session, and bringing a friend / family member. There is no cost, and it is April 8th, from 7-9:30pm at the Argyll Velodrome (6850 88 St NW) There will be a written test at the end. This will get you a 3 year certification as a flagger. There is no obligation to volunteer if you have taken the course (although we would really like you to!)

  4. If you are interested in leading rides this year, or want to be a part of the mentorship program, please e-mail me at Our program rewards leadership within the club with a variety of benefits.

Ride updates/changes:

  1. One of the biggest changes for 2019 is ride planning via Strava ( Strava offers us a way to plan rides, change routes, and set leaders and have all these connected to a rider. If you don’t already know what Strava is, think of it as “Facebook for Athletes” where you post rides you do, and people can check them out, and comment on them. It also offers a lot of in-depth analytics for your ride if you have data collectors (GPS, HR, Power, Cadence, etc.) Once you have joined Strava, you will need to join our Club on Strava ( and you will be approved to join. Once in, you can sign up for rides and see what else everyone in the club is up to. A more in-depth guide will be found on our website.