Hey Folks – quick and dirty update this week, since I’m a bit crunched for time. Great week with big numbers showing up for Thursday and Saturday, (25-30 people I believe?) I’m betting the heat had something to do with that! Our Cyclo-de Mayo was also a stunning success, with Spencer delivering a talk on power meters, and lots of club members, new and old getting to know each other over some great food (Brought to you by www.instagram.com/maicaroon) and drink (Brought to you by http://yegbierfrau.ca/) Some updates:

1.)    Intervals (Tonight!) will be rolling out from Transcend at 6:00, we will be headed to the velocity criterium course for some recon and cornering and intensity practice.

2.)    Women’s Rides are now officially official! If you are a lady, check your email for more information!

3.)    Thursday Hill Nights will have a slightly different route due to construction. Time and meeting place remain the same.

4.)    The Club Aerobars are in, please message me if you are interested in using them. Priority goes to first time racers using them this weekend.

5.)    First official races of the season are this weekend, attendance may be down for this weekend’s rides, and we are still looking for ride leaders.