Another fantastic week for ERTC! (Get used to me opening up with that, cause its always true with you guys!!) Tuesday’s ride was technically cancelled, but looks like a few of you hardy souls (Read: Crazies) managed to get out there for some hot laps of Hawrelak. Thursday was another great hills day, and on Saturday was our highly successful in-club TT organized by Jakob Claffey! (Jakob, this doesn’t make up for the Claffey factor though…) so great work there! We plan to have a couple more of these “fun events” throughout the year. Sunday was our last spring series race, with a HUGE contingent of ERTCs out (did anyone get a count? There had to be at least 25!) With our members appearing on the podium in every race, I believe! Anyways, updates!

1.)    Tuesday Nights will all be Beaumont Based Intervals, until we find a location to hold criterium practices, as the research park is no longer an option for practices due to circumstances outside of our control. If you wish to ride out, meet at Transcend Coffee at 5:30 to ride out. If you want to drive out, we will be starting the 3x5km intervals at the corner of Township Road 505 and Range Road 234 starting at approximately 6:50-7:00. Good places to park would be inside Beaumont or at the Walmart Supercenter On Ellerslie and 50th Street. You can arrive a little earlier to get a couple extra intervals in or a warmup before starting. This is the only ride where TT bikes are allowed.

2.)    There will be one final Wednesday Night Skill Session, meeting at 6:00pm at the main parking lot in Hawrelak (On your left after the Ice Castle) before turning into casual ride night. From Tim:

Through a series of games and obstacle courses we will discuss and practice road bike handling skills. These skills all build off the fundamental ABCs: Attention, Balance, and Control. In addition to bike handling and group riding skills we will briefly discuss the expected ettiequte and rules of ERTC group rides. 

Participants will be ERTC members who are new to road bike riding or new to the club. 

Prior knowledge: 

 Aware of ERTC club rules for road riding



1. Overview of ERTC ride rules (below)

2. Two laps of the park riding as a group

3. A game of survivor (bike balance game)

4. Bottle passing and bottle pickup on the grass

5. Obstacle course

6. Two laps of the park in a group  


What to bring: 

* Appropriate clothing for the day, 

* Flat repair kit (and knowledge on how to use it) 

* Your own hydration and snacks

If you have a chance reviewing these resources will be helpful:

* This

* This, and

* This 

* And if you have a moment watch this video

3.)    Friday is our Cyclo-de-Mayo Party! If you have not RSVPed yet, please do, we depend on this information to make sure we have enough food and beer!!! if you can’t access this event, you will need to join the Facebook group at (e-mail me to get in)

4.)    Have a good week, everyone!