I know how excited you all are to read this week’s super-duper awesome update!!! The best week was a dicey one due to weather, but we did see 32 people come out for hills night, which might be the most we’ve ever had for a ride in April! If the numbers for these nights continue to stay this large, we WILL be splitting the groups. You will self-seed, and this only affects your start time and how many laps of Hawrelak you will do. For the group that leaves first the “A” Group you will leave the parking lot at 6:00, do 2 laps, and then the regular hill circuit. For the “B” Group you will leave the parking lot at 6:10, and do 3 laps. This will give an approximate 15-minute separation. We will regroup at the end of the very last hill (Cloverdale) for the usual quick discussion and a decision to go somewhere for après bike beverages and food will be made. Splitting the group will be a game time decision made at the beginning of the ride if there are more than 20 people. Please still show up at the correct time. Anyways, updates!

1.       Tuesday Night Crit Intervals (Tonight!!) have been moved to Hawrelak Park at 6PM instead of the Research Park due to road conditions. Ride may still be canceled due to weather conditions. As always, keep an eye on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2316916558/ for the group. Message me (Albert Nguyen) or e-mail to get approval into the group if you haven’t yet.

2.       There will be a ride leaving Transcend Coffee at 11AM to ride out to the Spring Series Races on Sunday (April 30) – This ride is highly recommended to give you time to discuss tactics and ride with the people you’ll be racing with. It will be a long day in the saddle, but remember that this is training for real races.

3.       May 5 is our Cyclo-De-Mayo Party at Revolution!! Spencer King will be giving a quick talk on how to choose a power meter and what training with power is like. Your entrance is FREE with membership, and we have a Master Chef providing the food, and a keg of a custom beer brewed just for us included. BYOB for everything else. All guests and significant others are welcome at $20 a head. Bring Cash. RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1678809459087630/

4.       We also have a deal with 4iiii this year so if you decide that the left-side crank power meter is best for you, contact me to get your discount code!

5.        Clothing order cutoff is TOMORROW (April 26) if you want guarantee arrival before Velocity Stage Race!