Hey y’all! It’s another edition of the weekly update! First off, welcome to all the new members that have joined in the last week, it’s the time of the season where we get the largest influx of new members! A few of us have spent the last week in Penticton but are back now, back to this… “lovely” weather.  As such, Tuesday intervals are canceled due to cold and snow, and Wednesday Night Skill Session has been rescheduled due to… you guessed it! Cold and Snow! Please keep an eye on Facebook for last minute ride changes this week and throughout the season. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2316916558/ is the link for our Facebook Group

Couple of things:

1.       I’ll be sending out a survey to all current year members regarding name decals for your bike – they’ll be included in the e-mail.

2.       Spring Series Road Race on Sunday is still a go, check Facebook to see when a ride is headed out if you are interested in riding to it, Thursday and Saturday Rides are still a go, based on weather. If anything changes tomorrow or Wednesday, you know where to look.

3.        As always, thanks for reading and you know where to find me if you’ve any questions!