Hey all! As these start to become more frequent, we will be moving back to the website for regular updates, so please remember to check it weekly! I'll be moving back to how I had it last year with a weekly update on the website and an e-mail blast to let you guys know starting March 1. As usual, our blog is right on http://www.ertc.org/ just scroll down, There will be direct links to updates in emails. Just a couple of things for now:

Clothing is in the final stages of getting ready, and Greg will let you know all the details regarding that when it's ready. Our aim is to get the clothing out by Spring Series, so you have nice shiny kit to show off! Our Craft stuff still has plenty of stock and it will be roughly 25% cheaper than the Jakroo kit, and we will also be prioritizing using up this existing stock. Please use our website to purchase it. 

We still need bike show volunteers! We would like at least 2 people at the booth at all times, check out the sign-up sheet here: https://www.volunteersignup.org/EY7HP  members of the Executive team will also be popping in and out all day to help out, but we would still love to have you help share your experiences! We still need someone to haul the tent off on Sunday Afternoon, and drop it off at storage, this is critical. It will fit in most any station wagon, hatchback with seats down, truck or SUV. It's about 1x1x5 feet. 

If you are a new member or a returning member and want to learn more about racing and structured training, please come to the bike show and invite any friends who might be interested as well, ERTC will be doing a general information session about who we are and how the club works, as well as a quick and dirty primer on getting started in racing and structured training. Entry will be FREE for current members (so you should really sign up now) you can see more information here: http://www.edmontonbikeshow.com/ The women's session will be at 12:45-1:15, and the mixed gender / guy's session will be at 1:15-1:45. We will hold more in-depth sessions for members at a later date. We need your help to make this a success, and getting the word out, so invite anyone from work, your friends, family, significant others, etc. Also at the bike show will be the Fit Kit for our new jerseys, so you can try on what sizes fit. Greg will also have more on that. 

We are just at 2 weeks away from the confirmation (for numbers) for our Spring Training Camp in mid-April. If you want more information, please e-mail me. Quick and dirty: 9 days, A and B options (roughly 800-900km / 500-600km respectively), Penticton, Cost will be about $50-75 a night, and whatever you want to spend on food and travel. 

Finally, just a reminder that by March 1, if you want to continue receiving club communications, you will have to register with us.