Brrrrrrrr there’s snow on the ground! As per weather policy this means that regular rides are now all OFFICIALLY canceled! Don’t fear though, this doesn’t mean we don’t ride, but rather it means keep your eyes peeled on Facebook for when there will be rides. Don’t be afraid to suggest them on the Facebook page. They will go when the roads or clear, it’s warm, or any combination. Some of these rides may require fenders, or something other than a road bike, and will definitely require big “to see lights” if happening in the evening. I will keep writing updates sporadically when there are important events or information you need to know about! (Which means you get to read these for another 2-3 weeks).

Big Ups to all of our racers this weekend for riding in one of the worst conditions for cross we've seen around these parts in recent memory! In no particular order: Spencer King, Martin Tolton, Matt Hewson, Drew Malcolm, Aaron Campbell, Robin Kim, Danielle Meunier, Brandon Langille, Alex Inglis, Greg Nicholson, and Liann Cameron!

Our Cross Race is just around the corner and we are now looking for volunteers!! Please click here: to sign up for an available position. Note that our Race is on the 23rd, so don’t accidently sign up for the Saturday race (unless you want to help on Saturday too…) note that if you are course marshal or tear down crew you will still be able to race!

Our Clothing order is in now, please keep a look out on Facebook for details forthcoming about pickup.

Major Events:

October 15 - iWill Ride: In memory of Aaron Schooler’s brother, Will, this ride is aiming to promote helmet awareness and safety. Facebook Link here: Ride is at 10am, bring a donation for the charity. You should come out and ride this! This will override the regular Saturday Ride.

October 15/16 – ABA Cross Races in Devon and Lacombe. Check the ABA Races for Signup links and Tech Guides.

October 22/23 – ABA Cross Races in Edmonton! Redbike on Saturday, Us on Sunday, Race and help out!

Ride Changes:

Read above for ride changes. Please come out to the iWill ride on Saturday if you aren’t racing.