Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m back to typing these things, expect the usual long-windedness to get to any sort of point. I can’t comment on how the rides were for the last 3 weeks because I haven’t been riding them, and unfortunately it’ll probably be another 3-4 weeks before I do. But fear not, ERTC rides until the snow flies! Lots of stuff to go through this week so let’s get into it. Cross is in full swing so be sure to come out to our cross practice rides on Tuedays and Midweek Cross Races on Wednesdays! Message me if you want a discount code to register. Late season Cross Race Licenses are now available for $75 from the ABA.

As part of our “Try Racing” program, if you have not held a race license in the last year, or don’t hold a current one, we will be PAYING FOR your registration for these midweek races via a coupon code during registration. Also, should you decide to get a race license, we will be discounting a pair of shorts and jersey by $75, or just the jersey by $25 via coupon code. Please e-mail me or message me in order to receive your coupon codes. Cross is a fun and casual way to dip your toes into racing, as races are less than an hour, and there is a fun/party atmosphere to them.  

Major Events / Announcements:

September 14 (Wednesdays, ongoing) –Midweek CX racing is a great way to try out racing – there are tons of people and you will have people to race with no matter what your fitness level or age is! The age range of participants is 7-77 and there are plenty of ability levels. They take place either at Argyll or Capilano Park, and last no more than 30-45 minutes. There is a very fun, casual atmosphere and the races see in excess of 100 people! More information here: and registration link here: please message me if you are taking part in the “Try Racing” program and want a coupon code to register.

September 17 (Saturday) MEC Fall Classic (60/105/160km) – A fall fondo on the roads out in Strathcona county, expect a good turnout from area cyclists for this one! We will be bringing out the tent to this event so wear your colours and be proud! More information here:

September 25 (Sunday) Roger’s Harvest Ride (40/60/100km)– The classic way to cap off the road riding season around Edmonton, this is usually the last gathering of the Edmonton Area roadies. The ride is in memoriam of Roger, who died in 2010 to melanoma. More information and registration here:

October 23 (Sunday) – School of Cross – We are hosting another cross race this year and this time, we are going 2nd to redbike’s first. We will need volunteers as we get closer to the event date.

Ride Changes:

No changes. Some people will be participating in the MEC Fondo, but other than that. happy riding!