So, Albert is still not able to type much with his broken collarbone. Your guest writer this week is clothing manager and web guy. Forgive me, I'm an IT guy, I rarely write anything but code! In the Albert tradition, I am writing this while drinking booze, albeit red wine and not beer.

Tour of Alberta - I'm sure many of us took in some or part (or all?) of the Tour Of Alberta.  We are really lucky to have pro cycling come to our province. I saw ERTC'ers at every major point on the course representing in the team colours! Woot! 

Velothon - I think we must have had 20-30+ ERTC riders participate.  Everyone seemed to have a blast despite the cool conditions. I heard it got pretty spicy at the front with Scott Klarenbach, Mitchell Thomas and Brandon Langille top 3 across the line (I hope I got that right!). Post race beers were had in the Churchhill Square beer garden for some celebration and sharing of war stories. 

Coming up (also check the schedule on the website):

Tuesday — Cross ride, meet at Wild Earth at 6!

Wednesday - Weekly cyclocross race at Argyle Park (check the FB for confirmation on location. Registration starts at 6. The pain begins at 7. Last week  120 showed up to race!

Saturday, September 10th, DV100 – The race/ride is definitely one of the biggest in Alberta with a bunch of racers showing up even though there are no points – it interferes with cross a little so it’s a tough choice, but definitely a great event! We have many racers confirmed for this already.

Saturday, September 17 - MEC Fondo. Ardrossan. 65K/105K/160K

Sunday, September 25 - Rogers Harvest Ride. Ardrossan. 20K/60K/100K.

Clothing Manager Note:

The weather is getting colder and the club has a limited selection of cold weather gear in stock.  We have leg warmers (1S, 4M, 4XL), vest (1L, 1XL), bib tights (2S, 2M, 2L), and winter jackets (1S, 1M, 2L, 1XL).  We also have various amounts of our summer gear as well.

Also, for next season, I have had a few people express interest in the aero road suits, which are skinsuits with pockets. They are slightly more money than bibs/jersey at $220, but are what all the pro guys are racing in these days. Ping me at, so I can determine interest in putting in an order.