Keepin it short cause we are all busy longingly looking out of our windows at the rain wishing you were riding, right? 

  1. Looking for a a full bike fit? Or perhaps just a tweak to your current position? Our club sponsor Shawn from Velofix offers both options!

    If you're looking for a full bike fit Shawn offers a two-session option for $189 where he'll look at all the components of a bike fit with you. The sessions are approx 90 min in length and about a week a part to allow for a few rides between sessions.

    If your current set-up is close, but not quite right, Shawn offers a one-session touch-up where he'll focus on cleat placement, saddle alignment, and handlebar fit for $109. This session is approx 90 min and a great option both for those just starting in the world of bike fits, or those looking to dial in their current set-up.

    For either fit option he can either come to you, or you can go to his shop. And of course, Shawn can order and install any additional parts needed, with the added convenience of doing so right in your driveway.

    If you'd like to book either session, or for more information please email Shawn at

  2. Our first “themed” Wednesday Night Ride is going ahead! You might have heard of the “Rules” ( however this ride is all about breaking as many as you can! See strava for more info, and there might be a treat at the end!

  3. Canada Day Criterium - one of the year’s biggest races in Edmonton, Canada Day Criterium is always an event! Racing, a great atmosphere, and beer gardens! It’s one of the best changes to watch one of the fastest and exciting types of racing up close - If you are interested in watching, they happen at Lendrum Community Center on July 1, from 9am till about 3pm. For the racers, Amanda is leading a course recon on Friday. Keep your eyes on strava for details.