It’s a late one tonight! Lots of fresh, hot updates for y’all so let’s go!

Club Updates:

  1. Our 2019 Learn 2 Ride (L2R) sessions kick off this Wednesday, May 8th. Check out our website for more information on dates, times, locations, agenda, etc. Few quick highlights/reminders:

    • If you can't make any/all of the sessions, here's a summary of the information we're going to go over. If you're new to the club and can't make it, we recommend you attend another Wednesday Social Ride or a Women's Monday ride (for the ladies), so that we can ensure that you're ready to join in on a full club ride.

    • We encourage EVERYONE to attend:

      • New to riding/< 2 years group riding experience - there's lots to learn and practice!

      • Been group riding for a bit more than 2 years - there's still lots to learn and practice. Let's be real, we've all been on club rides where the 'experienced members' act like newbies.

      • Been riding for a LONG time? Great - come support the new riders so that they have every opportunity to be as great of a rider as you are!

    • Velofix will be on hand May 15 & 22, starting at 5:30pm, to assist any club members with bike maintenance questions/issues. Shawn will be able to help you with minor repairs, offer advice/guidance, or schedule you for a specific time to stop by your place for larger jobs.

  2. Our social event is no longer indeterminate! Check out what our Social Event Coordinator has to say:

    Hey everyone it's your best friend James Gray! What you don't already know me? Well you should! I promise we'll get along great!* In fact, I'm going to make the first step towards us having a wonderful, life-long friendship!** and invite you over to my place! C'mon over to my place on May 11th at or after 3pm for the 4th annual ERTC BBQ Season opener.

    There will be free food, great people and a myriad (okay maybe not a myriad, did you know that means 100,000? Because it does, look it up.) of beverages both alcoholic (Thank you Blind Man Brewing) and non-alcoholic (Thank you for being you, and you don't *need* to drink alcohol to have fun!)

    Your family is welcome, we encourage you to bring them! Bring the kids, bring the spouse... but please leave your Chinchillas at home. If you have a puppy you can bring that too, but it's your cuddly cute responsibility. But seriously absolutely *no* Chinchillas. This is a very relaxed social gathering, it's meant to be even less intimidating than a no-drop ride, so even if you don't know anyone please come out and meet someone, everyone, or even just me! If you have Facebook you can hit me up on there or click "Going" on the event at

Some details you need to know (If you don't have/use Facebook):

  • Address: 619 Wolf Willow Road NW Google it, you can bike here super easy and there's lots of yard to put your bike in.

  • Time: 3pm to 11pm, as the sun goes lower we'll throw some logs on the fire and roast some marshmallows.

  • Chairs: It's probably a good idea to bring a chair, but if you can't I've got like 12.

  • Family: Totally welcome, in fact I encourage it! I have a 6 year old daughter (Audrey) and a wife (Jessica), they'd love to meet you and yours.***

  • Pets: I have a dog named Rockie. He's generally pretty good at these things, if you're scared of dogs let me know and I'll have him leashed at all times.

  • My wife has a cat named Lola. Lola doesn't like adults. So she's gonna be a bit hissy, but will most likely stay upstairs and be anti-social.

  • Food: If you have any allergies, sensitivities or are vegan, vegetarian, or anything else let us know and we'll do all we can to accommodate, because I want to be your friend!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or strange conspiracy theories about Albert's hair, you can message me on Facebook, send me an email at, or even text me at 780.920.8181. <- That's my personal number, we're THAT GOOD OF FRIENDS ALREADY!

Hope to see you there!


*(Look at all those exclamation points! How can you not be convinced!)

**(No commitment necessary you may cancel any time.)

***You can totally bring a guest (Significant other, partner, person you’re trying to woo, someone you’re trying to convince to join the club…) for no extra cost.

Ride Updates:

  1. Tuesday Critervals start this week - Workout and intervals led by Category 2 racer Jakob Claffey. Workout will be between 7 to 8PM, however we recommend arriving 30 minutes early or riding from home to get a warm up in. The objective of this ride is to improve your high speed cornering and improve your short duration speed. This ride is open to everyone and is recommended for those looking for a workout. Current fitness does not matter as this takes place on a circuit and you will not be left behind. If you are driving directly to the Research park (as Jakob will be) please park in the parking lot alongside the southside of the shown route. See strava link here: