Sharing the knowledge

You’re interested in getting into group cycling for the first time—or if you want to review the basics before the cycling season begins—the ERTC skills development sessions will equip you with everything you need to ride safely in a group.

These weekly sessions start with the basic fundamentals of cycling including safety, bike handling skills (such as how to ride up and down curbs and corner and stop safely), and communicating with fellow riders, cycling in two-by-two formation, and drafting safely.

ERTC is the only cycling club in Edmonton providing beginner and veteran cyclists with this level of training sessions. When you join ERTC, you have access to development opportunities and the shared experiences of one of Alberta’s most established cycling clubs.

Female cyclists can also join Women of ERTC activities, like women’s-only social/learning rides and race training. 

These sessions will help you develop the skills of a safe group rider, making the sport that much more rewarding! Here's an idea of what you can expect each week.

Sessions begin May 8, 2019 6 to 8 p.m. Meet in the main (north) parking lot of Hawrelak Park.

These sessions are for ERTC members only, so visit our registration page and sign up today! No need to register for the sessions specifically, just make sure you're a club member and come out to any/all of the dates listed below.


  • May 8 @ 6pm - Hawrelak Park Main Parking Lot

  • May 15 @ 6pm - Hawrelak Park Main Parking Lot

  • May 22 @ 6pm - Group Ride leaving from Hawrelak Park Main Parking Lot

  • Velofix will be on hand May 15 & 22 starting at 5:30pm to answer any bike related maintenance questions and help you with any adjustments needed

  • Can’t make any/all of these dates? Here’s a summary of the information discussed, along with a video.

What can I ride?

In general, we do not allow mountain or hybrid bicycles on our rides, and for your personal success, we highly suggest you ride a well-fitted road bicycle with a wide range of gearing, with tires suited to the conditions. If you are unsure if your bicycle is appropriate for our rides, please see below for a detailed list of requirements:

  1. Functional Front and Back Brakes – type does not matter.

  2. Maximum Handlebar With of 510mm(51cm) across the top, “drop” style (No Mountain Bike Bars or Aero/Triathlon/TT/Pursuit Bars. If your aero bars are detachable, please take them off. “I promise not to ride in them” is not acceptable). Flared Drops/”Dirt Drops” are allowed (wider at the bottom of the drop than the top).

  3. Maximum Tire Width of 1.75inch / 45mm

  4. No rear suspension with linkages. We recognize that many “Allroad/Gravel” bicycles come equipped with damping or suspension systems. These types of bicycles are allowed.

  5. Legal to ride on the road without a driver’s license. This means that if you have an electric bicycle, it must be governed to 32 km/h and be of the “pedelec” type, and not throttle operated, along with all the previously mentioned items.

More information/updates can be found on the Facebook event page