YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S TIME FORRRRR?!!? Yeah you know it. We showin’ no signs of slowing down, we ride until the snow flies, and then we switch bikes! Cross is definitely here and we are switching over! Haven’t tried cross? Well, it’s definitely unique and I recommend coming out on Wednesday nights just to check it out! You ride a drop bar bike with bigger tires on mostly grass courses, littered with obstacles that you might have to get off your bike and run or jump over. The speed isn’t very high and it’s very accessible. I am not ashamed to say I was beaten by a 12 year old kid this weekend and have seen kids from 5 through seniors over 70 competing in cross! You will need another bike for this though, but basically any bike will do as long as it’s not a pure road bike (well, you can but it will be very uncomfortable for you) but any old mountain bike or even hybrid will do!

You will very likely need lights on our weekday rides now, as it is getting dark around 9:00pm now. 

Club Updates:

  1. Tomorrow is the FINAL Castrol Crit! Starts at 6:30. See attached poster for details. ERTC won’t be paying for this one, so please bring $10.

  2. Wednesday Night Cross starts up this week - it’s the cheapest way to get into cross and upwards of 200 people race across 3 different categories!

  3. Want to get away this Autumn or Winter and don’t have a bike bag? ERTC rents out bike bags for $50 a week or 2 hours of volunteering a week. E-mail me at to check if the dates you need are booked and to book it. We have 2 available. They are the Sci’con Aerocomfort 2’s.

  4. By popular demand we will be ordering more Cat5Gear bags. Price is $72 for fully custom bags, including shipping.

  5. CX Skill nights will be starting up September 4th, led by TIm Bulger. We will follow up with a location when I confirm with Tim.

  6. Not in the mood for skills practice but want to work on CX intervals? YEGCross is for you! YEGCross is a inter-club initiative aimed for those looking to improve their speed on the cross bike, led by Jay and Robin.


Castrol Poster.png

Ride Updates:

  1. Tuesday critervals /  intervals are cancelled for the year. Choose between CX Skills and CX Intervals as seen above.

  2. Wednesday is cancelled this week - we recommend you ride out to cross at Goldbar Park to see what all the fuss is about!,+Edmonton,+AB/@53.5567913,-113.4071084,180m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x53a022c826b92671:0xa3e70330c36f3994!8m2!3d53.5473505!4d-113.4108411