Time for a no nonsense update! Ok maybe a little bit of nonsense?

CROSS. IS. HERE. We will be slowly transitioning to cross over the next month or so, but our core rides (Ladies Mondays, Thursday Hills, Saturday Group Ride) will continue to go, with Tuesdays and Wednesday transitioning into Cross. Keep an eye out for the smoke, and remember to make your own decisions on when to ride or not.

Club Updates:

  1. There will be one last midweek criterium on Tuesday, August 28. Starting at 6:30 this time around, due to the early setting sun. More details and poster when we get them.

  2. Midweek Cross Races start up immediately after. Midweek cross is a great way to get your toes wet in the wonderful world of cross racing - casual, short, fun, and a great way to meet people from Edmonton’s cycling scene, as everyone from all the disciplines comes together for cross! https://www.facebook.com/events/674829162874735/?event_time_id=674829166208068

Ride Updates:

  1. Tuesday will be a cross-based fitness ride instead of road based intervals. We will be piggybacking onto YEGCROSS’s ride for this. YEG CROSS is a inter-club group aimed at increasing cross fitness. Check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1635190320143436/ they usually meet at 6:00 at Kinsmen, however this is not a group for those new to cross. We will be working on initiatives for those new to cross in the near future.

  2. Wednesday will meet as usual in Hawrelak at 6. Rolls at 6:10.