Hope the last week was an amazing week on the bike for y’all, and if it wasn’t I hope that changes this week for ya! Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the weather is on our side (again) this week but make sure to post on the ERTC - Social Facebook group to see if someone wants to sneak in a cheeky ride when it’s not raining!

Club Updates:

  • We are hosting our Criterium Circuit race THIS WEEKEND!! Please race or volunteer, and if your time is limited, even just come out and watch to see the most exciting type of racing! Our race is provincial championships and promises to be fast and furious, coupled with a ton of climbing and a fast downhill, will definitely be an exciting race!

Techguide: http://www.ertc.org/capilano-crit/

Signup: https://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=18506

Volunteer: https://www.volunteersignup.org/R74ER

  • Thursday’s Post Hills Beers @ Rosso- I’ve gotten some comments from the staff at Rosso and they request that we adhere to the following etiquette when visiting. We frequent Rosso as they have a good selection of food and drink, and is very accomodating to cyclists, and do not want to risk being unwelcome.
    • When you first arrive do not go straight to the patio without first going inside and letting the staff inside how many are there and specifically ask to sit on the patio. I know this is “common sense” but it sometimes doesn’t happen as we are all tired and in a hurry for a seat and a beer.

    • DO NOT MOVE THE TABLES. We have been spoken to many times about this. Don’t do it. Ask a staff member or Dave (the owner) to do it and if they think it is appropriate and will not interfere with operations or other patrons they will move the tables. Do not move them if they decide you aren’t allowed to.

    • Please find a seat. Don’t stand and loiter on the patio, especially if there are other patrons around. Not everyone likes a face full of spandex.

    • With these in mind, I will be contacting Rosso about having a standing reservation on the patio for 6-8 people. Every Thursday that is patio weather we will have at least this many people show up, so it makes sense. I will let you know if this goes ahead.


Ride Updates:

  1. Tuesday Intervals are at Research Park due to weather concerns. It’s Tuesday so it’s gotta rain right? Cancelled if bolts if lightning start hitting. 

  2. Wednesday ride is a go - this week will be led by Alain. The Monday night Ladies Ride has been cancelled so this ride is intended as a co-ed “Make-up” Ride. No Drop. Social Atmosphere. Beers after.

  3. Thursday’s Ride - We will be riding to the Criterium Course after Half Hills - You are always free to do the remainder of the hills circuit on your own.

  4. Saturday Ride Cancelled. Come Volunteer at our race. Or watch. Info at http://www.ertc.org/capilano-crit/