Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these! Anywho in the last… month there’s been a lot of goings on. Cross season ended, the snow seems to be sticking and here’s to your chosen winter activities! Being ERTC we have a multitude of people keeping busy this winter with a variety of activities, just post on Facebook if you want to do something and I bet someone will want to join ya! Anyways some announcements.

  1. Regular Club Rides are now concluded for the year. Winter rides will take up on a pick up basis. Want to ride? Just post!

  2. November 13 - MEC Club Night - This Monday!! Come in, check in at our desk, and get 10% off everything in the store!! This includes bikes, skis, boats, climbing gear, whatever. This Monday Only.

  3. November 17 - ERTC 2017 AGM - Have your say in how this club is run! Candid discussions on how you think the club is running are welcomed. Up for election this year is Vice President (Currently held by Greg Nicholson) and Women’s Cycling Coordinator(Currently held by Tiffany Baker) It will be at Revolution Cycle at 6:30, but we will have the food arriving at 6, so come early to get some food in ya! Bring some money for beer if you like. If you want more details, check out the Facebook event. don't have an invite? Let me know! also email me if you have any food restrictions. 

Please complete our yearly survey here: and we will do our best to incorporate your answers into how we run the club next year!