Good Morning!

Oh god, who let Albert write this week’s update?! Another great week for ERTC, which saw soaring temperatures for our midweek rides, the “graduation” of our Learn to Ride participants, and the most people I’ve ever seen on a Saturday in recent memory on our little jaunt to Devon and back. My personal highlight was the final spring series race. More on that later, with the race report. All rides this week are on the schedule on our site, with the ride descriptions also available on the site. Only change is that there will be an ABA race this weekend, so some of us will be participating in that instead of attending the rides, however we will still have leaders for all rides. If you are new to the club, please come out and join us for these rides!

First off for this week, is clothing pickup is TOMORROW! (May 10th) at 10143 82Ave (Whyte) it’s upstairs and the last door on the left. Please e-mail me if you CANNOT make this and have clothing to be picked up – we will make alternate arrangements, however please try to make this. Also tomorrow will be a chance to pick up some fancy new bottles! Please bring CASH ONLY, each bottle is $10. 2 bottles are recommended so you’re all matchy matchy! Designed by Joshua Kupsch over at  The bottles are high quality Specialized bottles that don’t leak and have nice high-flow valves, and the most important thing, LOOK AWESOME! 

On Wednesday I will be hosting our “ERTC Basic Bike Bodge” in Hawrelak Park. It is highly recommended you attend if you want to know more about your bike, and the field repairs you are able to do with just a multi-tool. You’ll be surprised! Find out more and what you will need to bring on the event page at I will be bringing some bottles for purchase (again, cash only) but only as many as I can put into a backpack – I will be riding out to this.

This Sunday, Tiffany is hosting a ladies ride out at Elk Island. If you are a lady, you are invited, and please feel free to invite any of your friends as well – this is an interclub ride! I’ll let the event page do the talking here.

Also this weekend, ERTC will be participating in the first ABA sanctioned race of the season – I am confident that we will do well with all the new talent we have this year. Please note that if you plan on racing this, you will REQUIRE an ERTC jersey. If you do not have one and didn’t order one. Please post on the Facebook group ( ) and someone may be able to lend you one for the day. We also have 3 sets of Zipp disc wheels for use on the time trial. Please let me know if you are interested in using them – you will have to pick them up, and these are not first come, first serve. I will be bringing bottles to this to sell as well. Cash Only.

I will leave you all off with the race report from Spencer King, one of our racers from the “B” race at spring series this weekend. See ya out there on the road!   


What a race! From the start, our team was highly aggressive. Attack after attack, counterattack, and then repeat!!
The relentless work ethic led to Albert Nguyen, Jakob Claffey, Robin Kim, and Brendon Younie (he's back, in a big way!) Coming across the line simultaneously, as brother's in arms. Class act gents!
Of course this wouldn't have been possible without the tireless, and selfless tenacity of Matt Hewson, Graham Watts, Mr. Jaeger (spelling? Please tag up!), Brandon Langille, Derek Singbeil, Greg Nicholson, myself, and whomever else this old man has forgotten attended (tag up, you deserve the recognition!)!!! We are quickly making a name for ourselves, striking fear into the hearts of our opponents, and setting an example of what can happen when you combine hard work with team work.

There is no I in ERTC!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone, and all the volunteers. Another "best day of 2016" for me. On a side note, most aggressive and gentlemanly rider goes to Mr. Hewson. This guy laid it on the line the entire race, and still had the jam left to launch a vicious and effective attack, to finish first behind our fabulous foursome! Chapeau good sir, chapeau!!!”