Aigoooo - it’s that time of the week again where I tell you all about the really really cool things that are happening in ERTC-Land! And the more “reallys” I put increases the chances of you reading this, right? The annual Perogy ride was a great success with 16 participants and several dozen perogies were consumed (mostly by me) - We will be trying to organize “Special Edition” rides more often with the aim of continuing to give everyone more options and reasons to ride!

  1. COAL LAKE CRUSHER!!! Our first edition of this gravel race, with 78 and 52km options! We need volunteers and racers. You do not need to have an ABA license to do this ride. and for the volunteersignup! Look forward to “treats” provided by our sponsor, Blindman Brewing!

  2. CROSS. IS. COMING!!!! CXurious? Wikipedia is a good start ( but the essence is: it’s really hard and messy for an hour, but then you get to hang out and socialize and make friends with other racers before and after, and is a great way to end the season! Many of us use it to put a nice cap on our outdoor cycling season as the days get shorter and the weather turns colder. There are many great options for cross training this year and due to life events, Coach Tim (who led our CX training sessions) has decided to take a break from coaching us. If you want to get some CX training in, I’ve listed a few options, all endorsed by ERTC:

    1. RubberSide Cycling (Beginner to Advanced, Skills Training) -

    2. YEGCross - Advanced Intervals (assumes you know basic CX skills and will work on them on your own time) -

    3. CXTravaganza - CX Community Days (Weekend Camp, All skill levels) -

  3. August 22-25 - Alberta Masters Games - a chance for weekend warriors and cycling enthusiasts to compete in their very own competition for MTB,CX and Road - More information here: Open to all residents of Alberta over 30, no license required, and if you hold an Elite/Cat1/2 license in a discipline you won’t be allowed to race that discipline.

  4. August 25 - Little Italy / Giovanni Caboto criterium - I usually don’t push races here but this race will be an event! Pedalhead Road Works is partnering up with Al Centro and Otto to provide an italian culture festival, with this crit as a part of it! Come out, enjoy some of , and your club mates racing and take part in the part in the festivities on a Sunday afternoon!