Aloha and welcome to sunny, hot and humid, tropical… Edmonton? The Tour de l’Alberta saw over 20 ERTC members participate, many of us pushing new speed or distance records! It was a long and hot day, but thanks to excellent organization by Michael MacFynn and Revolution Cycle, it looks like everyone made it out in one piece!

Club Updates:

  1. Cross Camp is Coming! August 18th - A great way to get into cross with skills and tactics, Many of Alberta's finest Cyclocrossers are graduates of this program. Check it out here:

Ride Updates:

  1. Intervals is at the research park - appetite for the 4x5km classic intervals is… lackluster. Let me know if you are interested and we can set it up once a month or something.  

  2. Wednesday ride meets at Hawrelak, rolls at 6:10. This is a no drop ride, so keep an eye out for people who may have been dropped without saying anything, as they are usually too out of breath to say it! Pass the message up to the person at the front so they know to slow down. If you’re peeling off to go home - say something! We don’t want to think we lost you along the way!

  3. All other rides are a go! Keep your eyes peeled for possibly a ride on long weekend Monday!