Good morning!

Oh man, tons of things to talk about this week, where do I even begin?! Let’s just go in order. Our Tuesday ride was a beauty, with about half a dozen of us crushing out 4x5km intervals in beautiful weather. On Thursday we had around 2 dozen people, along with a special appearance by Joshua Krabbe, who showed up to remind us how fast he got in the mountains of Colorado! About a dozen of us stuck around for beers after, definitely showing that we can work hard and play hard! Saturday saw a surprisingly large group (over a dozen) despite the huge ride that we were to do on Sunday.

Sunday… was so epic it will need it’s own paragraph! Over 30 of us showed up in force to the Tour d’la Alberta, turning heads and breaking hearts along the entire ride, and we were definitely the most well organized group out there – all that training and group ride practice pays off! I’m so proud of everyone out there, pushing their limits and testing what they are capable of… Everyone had a challenging day, no matter the fitness level, and I just love seeing the everyone stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the park. Shout-out to all the ladies who came out (over 10 of you) who, through the leadership of Tiffany, did distances that you thought only possible in your dreams! It’s definitely proof that our women’s program is getting stronger and faster. That’s not to say the guys were slouches either, with a few guys showing that we can put the hurt on, and do huge distances as well. Props to the truly insane (myself included) who chose to do something crazy like ride to the start from Wild Earth.  No matter your fitness level, how long you’ve been riding, to see us come together as a club like this makes being president all worth it. Hopefully next year we can step it up a notch!


August Long Weekend: Bowness Stage Race – The final stage race of the Alberta calendar, this is Alberta’s biggest road race weekend. If you’ve ever wanted to try road racing, this race is as good as any other to do it on! You’ll need a race license, but getting one just means you get one nice and early for Cross Season, right? Please let me know in the planning chat if you’re coming, and if you need a spot in the Airbnb we are going to rent.

Ride Changes:

Tuesday will see us headed to the research park for a tune-up in preparation for the last criterium this season, Bowness. Meeting at Wild Earth at 6pm.

All other rides are a go, don’t be afraid to come out!