The thought of racing can be intimidating. We are approaching the intimidation of trying women’s racing by tackling it together. One of the biggest barriers to trying racing is the fear of not being fast enough, which is compounded by having to race predominantly with elite-level racers who are well established in the racing community.

in 2017 we piloted our Women’s Learn to Race group - which was wildly successful. We increased female road racers in the club by 660% and Cyclocross racers by 550%. We continued in 2018 with a return of 80% of our first year’s racers and the addition of 5 ‘newbies’, and new and experienced racers alike continued to bond over their ‘nervoucited race butterflies’. The desire to keep racing and growing as a team has made us one of the most successful and largest women's cycling groups in Alberta.

ERTC supports the development of new racers through our Try Racing Program. For information on how to get started visit our How to Race page.

We have fully integrated our women’s learn to race option with ERTC’s larger program, with the addition of mentorship options that pair new women racers with those with more experience.

If you’re interested in joining our group of women committed to supporting each other as we develop ourselves in the women’s racing environment, please email so we can be sure to include you in future communications.