The thought of racing can be intimidating. We are approaching the intimidation of trying women’s racing by tackling it together. One of the biggest barriers to trying racing is the fear of not being fast enough, which is compounded by having to race predominantly with elite-level racers who are well established in the racing community. So in partnership with the Alberta Bike Association, we are building on our Learn to Race/Race Improvement Program that will give you the tools needed to break down these barriers so that entry into the racing community is friendly, encouraging, and supportive. 

If you’re interested in joining our group of women committed to supporting each other as we give racing a try, please email so we can be sure to include you in future communications.

What We did Last Year:

2017 was the inaugural year for the Women's Learn to Race program. We had an overwhelmingly successful year increasing road racers by 660% and Cyclocross racers by 550%! Many of our women were on various podiums in both disciplines and a handful earned enough points to upgrade into the next category. More importantly, the desire to keep racing and growing as a team has made us one of the most successful and largest women's cycling groups in Alberta.