All of our rides will meet at Transcend Coffee (9570 76 Ave NW) Unless otherwise noted. (Specifically Monday Women's Ride and Thursday Hill Night.) 

Below is a description of all of our regular weekly rides that happen during the season, please check our schedule page to see our monthly schedule. The listed times are an approximate length of ride based on doing the full distance, however you are welcome to turn back at any time. All rides on the schedule will happen unless there is a weather cancellation. For last - minute weather cancellations, an e-mail or Facebook post will be used to update, with an update 30 minutes before scheduled start. Our weather policy is as follows: rides are cancelled if it is currently precipitating at the start. If it looks like it might but isn't, the ride is a go. Bring a rain jacket. If the winds are gusting past 50km/h a judgement call to start the ride or not will be made based on location of ride, other weather conditions, and temperature. Rides will also be canceled due to poor air quality levels as dictated by the AQHI. If the index is 7 or above, the ride will be canceled. Ride cancellation means that there will be no official leader, or insurance coverage. During the early(Feb-April) and late season(Oct-Nov), scheduled rides will be sporadic based on overall weather conditions, and impromptu rides may happen due to periods of good weather. Our Facebook Group will be your best bet for these "pick-up" rides. All pick-up rides are unofficial and you do not need to be a member to ride with us, however will carry no insurance. All the rides listed in our schedule and below are official rides which you must be a member to participate in. 

Monday - Women of ERTC Ride - 6:15PM - 8:15PM (Distance Varies)
Women's only ride varying in distance, speed, and type of ride. See the Women's page for more information.

Monday - Learn to ride Track Night - 5:00PM - 8:00PM
Try the Track! The Argyle Velodrome provides the bikes (just bring your helmet, saddle, pedals and shoes). There are no disadvantages to riding track. It will only help your road cycling – bike handling and pedalling skills in a safe traffic-free environment! There will be staff and other Velodrome users there to offer guidance.

Monday - MTB with Hardcore Bikes - 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Several ride options are available with Hardcore Bikes, please see their website for more information.

Tuesday Intervals - 5:30PM - 8:30PM (50-75km)
This is a mainstay of our training. High intensity interval training boosts your performance quickly and helps build those time-trialling skills. Meets at Transcend Coffee (9570 76 Ave NW) at 5:30PM. Give it everything you’ve got for a set of 4x5km intervals! We will be headed out to Beaumont for these intervals. If you want to drive out, we will be starting 3x5km (We do an additional one on the ride out) intervals at the corner of Township Road 505 and Range Road 234 starting at approximately 6:50-7:00. Good places to park would be inside Beaumont or at the Walmart Supercenter On Ellerslie and 50th Street. You can arrive a little earlier to get a couple extra intervals in or a warmup before starting. Time Trial Bikes are allowed on the Beaumont intervals. 

This ride often happens around Hawrelak Park or Southside Research Park for Crit practice, follow the Facebook page for more details.

Wednesday Casual Rides - 6:00PM - 8:00PM (35-40km)
Meeting in Hawrelak Park at 6:00PM, this is a chance to practice your group riding skills at a relaxed pace within the city while getting to know your fellow club members - you should be able to hold a conversation at this pace! Average speed of this ride will be 25-27 km/h, with the average distance being around 35-40km. This is a no-drop ride - we will wait for you, no exceptions. If you feel yourself falling off the back, please pipe up and let us know! These rides generally end up on a patio (mood and weather dependent), so bring a little money for a beer! Earlier in the season (Late April till June) these will be a series of formal instructional sessions we encourage everyone, new or old, to come to. 

Wednesday - MTB with Hardcore Bikes - 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Several ride options are available with Hardcore Bikes, please see their website for more information.

Thursday City Hills Circuit - 6:15PM - 8:45PM (50-65km, 600+m elevation)
The infamous City Hill Circuit meets at 6:00PM at Hawrelak Park (200 metres west of park entrance) and leaves at 6:15PM after a few laps of Hawrelak Park for a warm up. Test your lung capacity on this two-hour ride on the best hills the city of Edmonton has to offer. Ride with some of the fastest climbers in the city. And, to be brutally honest, some of the slowest. The point is, you’ll find someone to train with. We will be doing several repeats of selected hills throughout our city - you can elect to do all of them, or just do a couple and wait for others to finish - this is truly the ride you can find your limits on. The group may split according to experience, ability and fitness. This is generally our largest ride, and safe group riding skills and experience riding in traffic are a must. Typical hill order: Zoo, Emily Murphy, Legislature, Gallagher (optional), Rosso ;-)

Saturday Training Ride - 10:00AM - 2:00PM (65 - 120km+)
This ride is one of our largest rides and will have the largest variation in ability levels. We will often have a mix of more advanced riders taking an easier day, with the recreational / intermediate riders looking for a solid ride. Due to this, the speed of the group may vary on a weekly basis, and sometimes a faster group may split off. The overall speed of the group will vary based on who shows up. Departs from Transcend Coffee (9570 76 Ave NW) at 10:00AM, come early if you want to enjoy a coffee and have a chat! While this is a no-drop ride and we will wait for you at selected locations, and will be our best to ensure you are never riding alone, it is suggested that you be able to ride at around 27 km/h on your own if you want to get the most out of this ride. A 5km interval (hard effort) will take place at the half way point, after which we will stop and regroup. We will alternate routes - check the schedule for what routes we are doing that week. They are listed here (Distances are from Wild Earth (our OLD meeting location (to be updated) and generally include a "bonus section" however you will be able to turn around after 30-35km and have people with you):  Here Here and Here

Sunday Race Pace Ride - 10:00AM - 2:00PM (100km+)
Bust a lung with the fast riders but be aware that the group doesn’t wait for dropped riders—come equipped for a solo ride home—it happens to the best of us. A 10KM interval will happen at the halfway point, with everyone regrouping at the end. Departs from Transcend Coffee (9570 76 Ave NW) at Ritchie Market at 10:00AM. Unsure if you're up to the challenge? Be able to hold 33km/h on your own at a minimum, and 40km/h for short periods of time. This ride generally only happens on non-race weekend. These are generally the route options: Here and Here

Sunday Cruiser - 10:00AM - 2:00PM (~65km)
This is a casual and instructional ride that benefits newer riders who might struggle to keep up to the Saturday group, or are still getting comfortable with riding in a group but want a longer ride. Racers looking for a low-intensity recovery ride are welcome! The pace is set by the slowest rider—this is a no-drop ride where you learn and practice group riding skills through echelon and pace line instruction. Departs from Transcend Coffee (9570 76 Ave NW) at Ritchie Market at 10:00AM. This ride sometimes ends in brunch - be prepared for that!