If you’re looking for a supportive environment in which to improve your group riding, fitness, and bike handling skills without any intimidation or pressure – our Women of ERTC group is exactly what you’re looking for. We’re a great group of women to spend time with! With a weekly women’s only ride and ride support for all regular ERTC club rides, we’re able to meet the needs of most female riders.


  • Weekday Women’s Evening Ride: Mondays from 6:10 - 8:15 p.m. FIRST RIDE MONDAY APRIL 29, 2019

    • Ride types: city circuit, hills, country ride, intervals, skills training (drafting, cornering, speed work)

    • Open to all current ERTC female members

    • We utilize STRAVA for our ride coordination. For information on how this works see our Schedule for more info.

  • Support at regular ERTC club rides. If you’d like to try a regular club ride but are uncertain about distance, pace, or anything else – we will pair you up with another female rider whose role will be to partner with you on that ride to guide you and help you feel comfortable. This rider will know the route and will be skilled at group riding so as to help you out in whatever way you need.

  • Larger women’s only ride events open to women outside of ERTC throughout the season. These rides have been a hit with female cyclists around the city. Distance and destination will vary – but rides will likely be between 75-100 km and at a pace inclusive of most riders. The first larger event of the season may be shorter to get everyone back into the swing of things. Previous rides include the Crepe and Shakes Ride, Rapha Women’s Ride (aka the Cinnamon Bun Ride), Elk Island Rides, and Women’s Fat Bike rides.


In order to ride with the WoE you must:

  • Be a regular or secondary ERTC member.

    • Secondary Memberships:

      • To race with us, secondary memberships will only be allowed if your primary club is not a road riding club in nature.

      • To simply ride with us, secondary memberships are permitted, but we ask that you not road race with your primary club.

      • Essentially we ask that you train with the club that you race with. If you want to recreationally ride with a few different clubs, then the more the merrier!

    • Not sure you want to join? We have a one-ride policy, which means you can ride with us for one ride before making your decision, as mandated by the Alberta Bicycle Association. If you want to ride with us for this one ride, please sign the Waiver here.

    • Membership is not required for larger inter-club women only rides that we organize.

  • Have a road bike, helmet, and appropriate clothing

    • For safety reasons, Time Trial bikes are not allowed on group rides.

    • Cyclocross bikes and touring type bikes are acceptable but can provide some challenges. If this is the only bike option you have please come to a ride and we can assess the suitability from there.

    • Mountain bikes can provide added challenges on group rides (bike weight and added friction of the tires makes it harder to maintain the same speed as road bikes as an example) and are discouraged.

    • Pedal-assist bikes are acceptable in some cases. The WoE guidelines for pedal-assist bikes aligns with the ERTC guidelines.

  • Have a passion for cycling – not matter what your level!

  • Have a desire to share that passion with other cyclists!

Although we cater to many levels of women riders, our group might not be a good fit for you if:

  • You don’t have a road/cross bike in good working condition

  • You are brand new to cycling and haven’t taken a learn to ride course.

    • ERTC provides a 4 week Learn to Ride series of courses in May – free to all members.

    • If you’re new to cycling but feel confident, email women@ertc.org and we’ll arrange for you to try a ride to see if you’re comfortable with the group and average pace.