Every aspect of this event is being planned with safety as the first priority. You are a critical partner in ensuring the event is run in a manner that is safe and enjoyable for all racers, race officials, volunteers, and residents of the area. If you have suggestions or concerns regarding safety please contact the race organizers by email at any time.

The race organizers have zero tolerance to unsafe behaviour that does, or may, compromise the safety and enjoyment of others. If we witness or hear of behaviour that is detrimental to the event we will discuss this directly with the individuals, their team, and the ABA as required. Activities that contravene ABA policies and rules will be addressed by the ABA and appropriate sanctions may be levied.


  • Riders shall act with utmost caution.
  • Riders shall be held responsible for any accidents that they cause.
  • All licence holders shall, in whatever capacity, participate in cycling races in a sporting and fair manner.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including but not limited to public urination, littering, use of profane language and verbal abuse of officials.
  • Inappropriate conduct by individual riders will be addressed with ABA, the rider, and their team. Appropriate sporting sanctions will be determined by ABA

location and route


Mulhurst Bay, Alberta 

Directions to Mulhurst Bay Community Hall


The Mulhurst Bay Community Hall is the staging site for this road race, please do not park in on East side of the Community Hall. Please park on the large grass area adjacent to and West of the baseball field, please park intelligently and be considerate of others.


PLRR route map

Each race category starts with a neutral rollout from Mulhurst Bay Community Hall proceeding 8.9 km North, then West, on Hwy 616 to the race circuit, which is 24 km long. At the conclusion of the last lap of the circuit the race turns East on Hwy 616 and proceeds 6.5 km to the finish line.

Race information


  • Men 5
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish time
  • Men 4
    • start time
    • 87km
    • expected finish time
  • U17
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish
  • Women 4/5
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish time
  • Women 1/2/3
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish time
  • Men 3
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish time
  • Men 1/2
    • start time
    • distance
    • expected finish time


An ambulance and several paramedics will be on the course. The nearest hospital is the Wetaskiwin Hospital & Care Centre 6910 47 St, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 3N3

In an emergency call 911


The feed zone has been placed on TwpRd 474A beginning approximately 300m West of the junction of RR13 and TwpRd 474A.  It will be marked with the green feed zone flags. You may feed only?on laps two and three?. U15/U17 riders should bring enough nutrition for the duration of their race.

Feed Zone Safety

  • There will be a marshall at the feed zone, if you have any questions ask that marshall, if you have any concerns please speak to that marshall.
  • Volunteers and feeders must keep vehicles completely off the road surface, including the shoulder.
  • Do not stand on the roadway, other than when you are feeding passing riders.

Instructions To Feeders & Team Support

  • Race organizers and local residents will not tolerate any litter or waste left behind. Feel free to find safe parking on Township Road 474A and simply walk to the feed area.

Instructions to Racers

  • Bottles and trash are only to be discarded in the feed zones. Failure to abide will result in sanctions being levied on individual riders, or teams if the rider can not be identified.


Pay attention to other traffic in your lane. Pass other groups on their left and stay as far to the right as is practicable to allow for passing motor traffic or another race group. Do not mix in with other race groups.

If the wheel vehicle passes you, you are outside of the rolling enclosure and must as far to the right as is practicable and obey all traffic signs and laws. If another group catches up to you, you cannot ride or work with the group or be involved in the final sprint.


If you retire from the race please report this to a course marshal, to the organizer at the Mulhurst Bay Community Centre, or the Commissaires at the finish line.


The finish line is on Hwy 616 approximately 1,000m after turning South on Hwy 616. The finishing sprint must not cross the centre line. You will be relegated or disqualified should you violate the centre line rule. At the conclusion of your race, proceed directly to Mulhurst Bay Community Hall.

Finish Line Safety

  • Hwy 616 is an active road and safety of participants, race officials, residents, and motorists is of the highest priority.
  • Once you have completed your race immediately travel safely to Mulhurst Bay Community Hall. If you want to remain at the finish line then you must safely cross Hwy 616 and enter the ditch. If you remain on the road or shoulder you will be told to leave the finish line area. Individual riders who remain on the road will be sanctioned, and if it is not possible to identify individual riders then their team will be sanctioned.


Podium Presentations

Podium presentations will be held shortly after the race ends, and the commissaires have confirmed the results, at the Mulhurst Bay Community hall.


Cash prizing will be finalized based on the number of entries. Prizing will be awarded equally across all categories


This event will be part of the Alberta Provincial Road Series with series and upgrade points available according to the ABA Points Schedule B


Details to come


The ABA complies with and fully supports the UCI anti-doping regulations, the clauses of the World Anti-Doping Code and its international standards to which the UCI anti-doping  regulations refer and to the anti-doping regulations of other competent bodies as per the regulations of the UCI.


As always review the ABA/CC/UCI regulations found on the ABA website.