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Latest Updates

April 25, 2016 by Matt Hewson

Main thing this week is volunteering.  Members, new and old, please consider this - it is but a few hours of time and the community/club literally depends on it.  This is the best way to jump into the club with both feet, meet each other, and build a vibrant and engaged club. ANY MEMBER CAN AND SHOULD VOLUNTEER.  Ok, enough shaming until I get to the volunteer sections below.....  

As always, get in touch with any comments, questions or concerns.  This is your club and if there is enough interest we can pretty much make anything (that doesn't cost [too much] money...) happen


a) MEC BIKEFEST VOLUNTEERS (SUNDAY MAY 1) - Lots of the "outreach" we have done at different local cycling events/shows has resulted in a great mix of people at the club.  We hope to keep that going with Mountain Equipment Coop's Bikefest this Sunday.  Again, come one come all. We need volunteers to sign-up here (which includes positions):  This will be very similar to the Bikeshow - just talk to people.  We also need somebody with a vehicle large enough to transport out tent and such (any SUV would likely do).


The pitch for outreach volunteers - Volunteering at this event equals more members which equals more fun and income to pursue club initiatives for ALL members.  If you have ridden with us for a week you can come and tell prospective members why you signed up and what you enjoy.  


b) SPRING SERIES VOLUNTEERS (this Sunday and Next Sunday) - Lots of ERTC members have enjoyed Spring Series thus far but only Bruce (as far as I know, volunteered).  WE NEED TO STEP UP.  We have had the biggest showing but for maybe the Tri Club.  


Info/sign-up here (if you could also let me know if you signed up that would be great):  The main job is standing at intersections and controlling traffic. 


The pitch for racing volunteers - If you are not racing, want a weekend off, have a mom that will do whatever you ask of her, etc... Please sign up as a volunteer for this weekend or next.  They need 5 more for this weekend.  No particular skill necessary.  If you do not race, my sell to support racing/volunteer is as follows: enjoy the learn to ride, enjoy having a ride "leader" on weekends, enjoy having somebody to chase up the hills on Thrusday, help you out with a quick mechanical before the ride starts, etc...? Not all, but many of those folks race bikes and you can help them, the club, and watch some cool action by volunteering for Spring Series.  


2. SPRING SERIES [WINTER SERIES] #2 RACE REPORT - Cold, not as wet as it could have been, BUT FUN.  ERTC animated the "B" Group with lots of attacks, breakaways, and lots of time on the front.  Lots of cookies at the end.  A few new members out and it was great to meet you, and race with you!


3. CLOTHING PICK-UP - Terra posted in more detail.  But, the final clothing night will be Tuesday, May 10th from 6-8pm. The clothing is located in an office space very close to Da Capo (where we held the AGM in the fall  - Whyte Ave, 10143 82 Avenue). You will need a team jersey if you are planning to race at sanctioned events including Velocity (May 14th-15th), but team jerseys are optional for the spring series.

If you want clothing prior to this date, then one of you will need to volunteer to hang out in the office for about 2 hours on an earlier date (seriously, if you can do this, please do). It is VERY easy to hand out clothing and Terra can set you up with any information that you need. We will be looking to fill the roll of "Clothing Coordinator" so if you want to get involved, get in touch.  

If you are ordering new clothing, then there is a good chance we have it in (or coming in). We can check the inventory list too to see if something you want is in stock. 

4. COMING WEEK (women of ERTC and Learn to Ride) - Pretty standard.  First official Women of ERTC Tuesday. Pls come out to Wed. learn to ride - its fun for all.  Let's keep the great turnouts rolling! And come out to race Sunday for Spring Series #3.  You can hit the ground running if you have not been yet.  Also, you can sign up on Zone 4 for the Alberta Bicycle Association's "Learn to Race".  I (Matt) did the Learn to Race this past weekend and this weekend is the last one (Currently women only but I am told they may to open for men depending on numbers.  This program is similar to our Wed night series and time well spent. Plus, you get "upgrade points" equivalent to winning a race.   



April 19, 2016 by Matt Hewson

Folks, a few things. First, how about my legs in that Spring Series pic Nick Croken took? Amiright? I will hand out signed copies on the weekend. Coles Notes: Great turnout at events, need somebody to help do a clothing night (and see below re buying clothing) and somebody to lead a Saturday "B" Group.

First and importantly, we are still sorting out the best way to communicate. I think it will be through regular updates to the website with links here. We know that things can get lost amongst Albert Nguyen posting about Strava bots. But I just wanted to point out a few things.

The season has started off incredibly and we have almost the same number of members as of now than we had all last year! So many great new (and old) people.

This is largely a grassroots club. If you want something from/out of the club, talk to others, us, whoever and we can see if it works. Tiffany Baker did this with the WoE, Rich Cairney did it with the Sunday ride, etc... Always feel free to get in touch with me (or anybody) with any questions or concerns. I want you to have fun!

1. Ride Schedules AND NEED FOR LEADERS - All rides are now a go at the regularly scheduled time. Tuesdays, as noted, may be a bit more "organic" and changing but stay tuned (rolling from Wild Earth in any event). Turnout on hills has been incredible.

We are looking for somebody to "lead" a consistent "B Group" /Gruppetto ride on Saturdays - the pace can be just a touch hot for some on Saturdays and if we keep getting a big and diverse turnout, two groups could be best. Always remember about Rich's Sunday ride which is a good facsimile of Saturday at a bit easier pace.

2. Spring Series - Wowza, great turnout. I even heard some other clubs were asking "how many of you are there". Great showing from the girls especially!!! Just awesome. I hope anybody on the fence will make it out this weekend. Just an awesome pressure free intro to racing. Even if you don't plan to race, these may give you your fix! Get in touch with Albert Nguyen if you have not raced before and want to do this for FREE (as part of our Learn to Race program).

3. Learn to Race - Over the next few weekends the ABA is doing a "Learn to Race" seminar. I am going on the one this Saturday - so you may want to avoid that one. There is also a "women's only" one that I know Liann Cameron is doing. Details -

4. Clothing - Many of you asked me about clothing on Saturday. We need to have 5 items a time to make a new order. But we also have some stuff in inventory. Terra Manca, our clothing coordinator, may be able to help you more. Terra is away for a while and we may need somebody to host one more pick-up night for those that ordered but have not picked up (one at a time is a full time job). So feel free to volunteer.